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Floral top floral skirt floral print style

There is not much on the internet when it comes to floral top floral skirt style. The lack of information can be attributed to the fact that people generally don’t like two separate and different style prints together. It takes a real stylist and a really bold person, influencer, stylist etc. to rock two different prints and make it look effortless. 

There is a tendency follow the masses when it comes to style. We generally tend to want to fit it. We look for the ‘best trends this summer’, we cling on the best looks to wear in winter and we strive with excitement when we see our favourite fashion bloggers and influences wear trends that we like. Its also exciting to be influenced by style bloggers because, let’s face it, style bloggers are style bloggers because they know how to put an outfit together.

Today, allow beliciousmuse to be your South African, Africa style blogger as we navigate the wonderful world of Floral top floral skirt styles. It’s much easier to wear one large print with flowers. I mean, when we talk about florals, the flowers are not limited to small or big flowers. The flowers are also not limited to the kind and type of flower. It can be a rose, a couple of Lilly’s and even peonies and my favourite, the Sun flower.

The best type of flower to wear in Summer

It doesn’t really matter what kind of floral print you chose to wear in Summer. The most important is the type and style of the dress that has the floral print. The mother of the bride usually wears a 3-piece suit to her daughter or son’s wedding. Mom of the Bride or Groom suit is usually knew length , A-line and very modest. It’s possible to take that same print and put it on a very modern dress style like a short tight skirt , or a long floral blazer paired with suit pants and look young. Dressing for your age.

Vogue magazine wrote a pieces on the best kind of florals to wear summer of 2019 and its really interesting. Read more about it HERE. But to Summaries their piece: Spring Summer 19, blooms and blossoms flourished over the catwalks in all possible opportunities: Fashion and style ranged from surfer-girl sport prints to delicate tapestry-inspired brocades. There’s a floral for everyone. Even if you haven’t stepped out in such a print since you left your tween years, you might find yourself convinced over this coming September August 2019.

The need to wear whatever we like

If you have style, style it. And if you think you don’t have style, don’t sweat it. Personal style is personally and the way you wear outfits is personal and magical to you. But if you need some inspirations on how to wear floral top floral skirt, you can stop looking. You have found the inspiration right here on beliciousmuse.com.

Some of us are not born stylish. We somehow had to learn how to be stylish because we weren’t born with those ‘gifts’. I personally have looked through so many magazines to find the inspiration I needed. But in some instances, all I needed was a good pair of heels and whatever I was wearing transformed from a pumpkin to a chariot.  

Long floral skirts

Long floral flair skirts are usually left to be worn on a day picnic, outing or some fun charity event. But, because I’m not an enourmouse fan of wearing long skirts, I just had to wear a crop floral top with it. Remember, florals are occasional and fun. Have you ever tried wearing a floral print long skirt to work, as functional wear? Well, I know I have not. It’s not impossible to wear a floral long skirt to wear, it just has its occasions.

A phobia of long skirts.

I have a phobia of wearing long skirts, in general. I personally think and feel like I have a pair of really great legs. P.S I work out at least 3 times a week. So, hiding my legs is something I do grudgingly. My mother hates the fact that I don’t like clothes but what can I say. I am a Capricorn. Born on the 1st of January. Literally when the sun was its hottest. In fact, wearing clothes for me doesn’t come easy. I literally have to be coaxed into doing it.

Long Floral Skirt respect

Put even the plainest woman into a beautiful dress and unconsciously she will try to live up to it. Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman – Coco Chanel.

Short dresses and short skirt also have their occasion. In a nut shell: we can do whatever we want. We can do whatever we like. But whatever we do has to have a time and a place. I mean, you cant go out clubbing in a long floral print dress, but you can certainly go to a picnic or long walks on the beach with a floral, turquoise, red, pink yellow, violet printed dress. There is nothing that say Spring and Summer than the smell of white lily’s in the Air, Marc Jacobs Perfume and floral prints on your clothes.

Floral top Floral Skirt look and outfit details

For THIS look I paired the Long floral pint skirt with pockets with a chiffon like floral top, that’s crop, and a pair of new yellow/ neon green shoes. I got this skirt months ago, but never found or got the opportunity to wear this fabulous couple, floral top floral skirt combination. But I’m glad I worse this look on Sunday.

You can not shop what I’m wearing but you can click on the links below to see where to get yours. Different or the same.

Top: Get similar one HERE

Skirt: Get similar one HERE:

Shoes ARE FROM Primark, I bought them maybe 2 years ago

Hope you enjoyed this article.

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  1. Awesome style! You are looking stunning. I am obsessed to wear floral prints and I am addicted to wear maxi dress and you are sharing such a great guidance which would be really helpful for me to style up with it. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Most welcome babe.

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