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Water is important for WEIGHT LOSS AND HEALTH but it is to most of us not the best or tastiest liquid one can drink. To most of us, we literally have to be dragged by the ears to drink even one glass of water a day. To a lot of us, we only drink water in the morning when we brush out teeth, to rinse out the bitter after taste of toothpaste or mouth wash. If you are looking to lose weight and want to cut down on all the acidic drinks you drink then this post is for you.

Water is healthy and quite essential especially now, in summer and for weight loss and health. While I don’t follow every bodies take on what kind of water one should drink, and neither do I listen to all these fanatics saying we should drink liters and liters of water daily for better looking skin and proper digestion. I do, however, have a way of dealing with dehydration and making water more appealing for weight loss and health.

Drinking flavored water like AQUILLA or BONAQUA has acid, which ends up hampering any ideas we ever had of getting that flat tummy, weight loss and health. Any acidic drink, be it flavored water, dry lemon or canned LIQUI FRUIT disturbs weight loss and health. But we all want water to taste good so what do we do? We put natural fruits in water, then the fruits fill the bland water with some zing and when the water runs out, we just keep refilling the water bottle with more water until all the flavor of the fruit has dissolved. That’s one way of doing it.

The other way of keeping hydrated throughout the day is to add the following of some of my favorite fruity concoctions.

Orange Flavored still water

Chop oranges to desired size

Add a little bit of Pineapple flavored DRINK-O-POP

Fill bottle with still water



Lemon flavored water

Chop lemons to desired size

Add mint leaves

Add still water and ice


Raspberry flavored Water

Chop Strawberries to desired size

Add Mint Leaves

Add Raspberry DRINK-O-POP

Add Still water


You see, now you can drink flavored water without the acid, but it will still be flavored water. The trick is not to add too much, just a little DRINK-O-POP for taste and whatever fruits one wishes to add.

You can even serve this in larger quantities to guests at an outdoor event; just add more and different kinds of fruit but of the same family. Try adding different berries with mint in one jug or bottle with ice. This way you get people drinking water but the healthier, tasty kind, without the acid.

I hope you find this useful and as always, thanks for the read.


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