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Maroon BLAZER GREY PANTS: No matter how many times we return to the past
and cringe at what we did or are happy at the positive outcomes of our actions the truth is, what was done 2 days, 10 years and even 2 minutes ago cannot be undone and even those special heartwarming moments can never be relived the exact same way they happened.

I made a mistake once in 2010 and until recently it still haunted me. I kept on looking at what I could have done differently and every time I thought about it, it would make me sad. On some days I’d choose to forget what happened and try to make myself feel better by saying things like, I was young and naïve and stupid, if I might add but that didn’t help either.

The Truth

The truth is no amount of justification in the world would ever change the fact that it happened or change the course of history or make it seem better.

I remember a time in my life when I was sooo in love. I didn’t want that feeling to end. We would spend hours on the phone talking, voice notes, Skype and the visits were endless. But every time i spent time with him I would always pinch myself because it felt like a dream, so I decided to live in the moment and celebrate love. If he told me he loved me, I’d want to hear it the following day as well and if he said, ‘but I told you yesterday’, I’d say, ‘but yesterday is gone, today is a new day’. I wanted to experience new experiences and have moments that took my breath away everyday rather than holding to the past when it was possible to create new moments in the now and thus how our relationship lasted.

Good things happen

Good things that happened yesterday are good memories we should cherish but it’s always better to create good moments every day. Today the focus is on leaving hurt behind and learning to deal with the bad moments. Yesterday’s embarrassments however big or small remain in the past. I could spent 1000 years on this earth trying to rectify my mistakes but the truth is, going back to that time and at that specific moment when it happened is impossible.

I’ve put together a few tips on how to live in the present from a bad past and I hope they are helpful.

  1. Prepare to take the challenges of confronting the past.Write down all your feelings or tell your feelings to someone and be open to yourself on how the events made you feel. This will help you revisit places u have kept locked in your heart and will help you understand the events much better and become better able to deal with them.
  2. A past left unresolved will continue to hurt you if you don’t address the underlying sorrow, pain and anger. If you don’t do this you allow the part of your mind that glosses and conceals hurt to dominate
  3. Accept that you cannot change what happened just how you view it. Remember that the past cannot be changed and that we are not in a movie like Prince of Persia where by simply clicking on a button on a knife can rewind time.
  4. Don’t believe anything anyone says to hurt you. Leave behind old stuff and people who constantly remind you of what happened. Life is too short.
  5. Remove the past from your future. Have you ever been in a relationship where you think, OH MY GOSH, I’m dating my ex-boyfriend/girlfriend (figuratively)? Well, if you don’t let go and choose a different future in the form of consciously telling yourself the new qualities you’d want in a partner and sticking to them you will end up dating the same person, over and over again.

Now develop a forward focus

  1. There might be tokens of a person’s presence in your house in terms of objects, jewelry, teddy bears, pictures etc. I suggest you gather all of them and throw them away or give them to charity.
  2. Take it slowly, but surely, being hurt is not a physical wound, it’s an emotional one and sometimes heels very slowly. They say time is a healer, and rightly so but keep in mind that time waits for no one. The sooner you are able to deal with your past, the better.

People expect you to fail, think that you will be nothing, amount to nothing and are nothing but imagine the shock and the look on their faces when u start to try and you actually succeed! You start to walk with a stride, head held up high, looking good, snazzy, sassy, smelling good, smiling, hair waving in the wind, driving the top of the range and just being cool, calm and collected. Because all the hurt has been lifted off your shoulders. Haters will hate but at least they will see you in the sky and that my friends are how Superheroes learn to fly.

Love ya!!!

What Superheros wear

My superhero maroon cape/ jacket is from STUDIO. W. The shades are NO NAME and my bottom and top are from MR. PRICE. The shoes are from CALL IT SPRING giving me my superhero sass and stride. I thought I’d actually buy SILVER when it came to my accessories and settled on a neck piece from AMERICAN SWISS. The move to move from normal accessories to gold and silver is an economic one. This neck piece cost me approximately R225.00. And I guarantee you it will not wear or tear. Some jewelry I’ve bought for roughly the same price now have rusted which is such a waste of money!

So, Until next time, do enjoy the images provided by  SIYABONGA MFUPHI


Maroon Blazer grey pants Outfit of the Day

Jewelry ( Neck Piece) : American Swiss

Shoes: Call It Spring

Bottoms and Vest: Mr Price

Jacket: Studio.W

Stunners: No name


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  2. Susan B says:

    great advice… To whom much is give, much is expected. thank you for sharing

  3. Cristel says:

    I really love your outfit, AGAIN. How do you do this? Mix Fashion with everyday life. Keep doing what you are doing. its insane. Xx

  4. Thank you guys for all your heart warming words 🙂

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