It was about midday on one of the weekdays. She had been walking for the last hour looking for an internet café and she finally found one. She found it inside a very common and well know mall. Everybody went there.  The Mall was called Sunny park Mall and the internet cafe was on the 5th floor.

When she got there, she did what she would have done at any internet café; ask how much it is to use the internet, pay and eventually sit down. And on that day, it was no different. She was given the 3rd computer to use, on the 2nd row. When she sat down she noticed that a guy was staring at her from the opposite, diagonal side on her right. He was seated opposite her on a computer to the right.

She looked at him and he looked away quickly pretending that he didn’t just spend 2 seconds of his life staring at a total stranger. The boy was cute, a bit light skin but brown and that’s all she noticed as she took her attention back to the reason why she had come to the internet café in the first place.

Whatever she came to do at the internet café seemed to take forever because when she finally raised her eyes she couldn’t believe that the internet café was closing for the day and that there were only two customers left in the store. She quickly packed her things and started moving towards the door. Before she left the store, she heard some one say, hi, Excuse me?  She looked around and it was the same guy that had been staring at her hours before when she first got in. He was smiling but his smile looked a bit shy… He was tall, a bit built with a warm smile. She was in a bit of a hurry but she decided to be nice because the guy hadn’t done anything wrong to her… yet.

She said hi back and he come closer.  Please don’t think I am weird, he said as he looked down and tried to say some more awkward words. She replied with a little giggle and said, I’ll try not to think so, as she  hurried towards the lift.  Ok… Thanks, as he spoke more slowly and purposefully, following her to the lift..

I just want to say that you smell so good, as he raised his eyes from the floor to look at her again. He said that with such a shy smile, she dropped her guard, relaxed a bit and smiled back at him as they were now both waiting for the lift to come. No, you don’t understand, he said as his face lit up every time he spoke and looked at her, full of softness and love, ‘Your perfume is intoxicating, it smells so good, I wanted to leave a long time ago but I couldn’t bring myself to ’. Now he had grabbed her attention with all this perfume talk and she started warming up to him (she loved perfume s). Thank you, she said with a smile and continued to tell him the name of the sensually floral scented perfume that she was wearing, as they both entered the lift.

May I ask where you are going? Maybe I might accompany you, he asked. The girl and the guy got out the lift and walked together in the direction that the girl was going… chatting and getting to know each other a little better.

Perfumes from Miniso Menlyn.

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