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  1. SA FASHION WEEK Joins the FeesMustFall movement lead by designer brand Sies!Isabele. Imagine. Such a national movement lead by a fashion designer whom most felt did not have to. Its beautiful to see that people are standing in Solidarity with Students. #Love

What seemed like a simple and interesting collection turned out to be a strong voice of protest with models strutting their stuff on the run way, placards and all, reading FEESMUSTFALL. Ingenious.

While we all cant march, we can show support for the thousands of Students throughout the country fighting to be heard and not taking no for an answer.

This could have been solved sooner, meetings could have been had sooner, and negotiations could have taken pace at a more calm and relaxed manner. But NO! Not in South Africa.

This is what happens in South Africa: People do not take you seriously unless you are disrupting an entire national system. Remember when Waste removal workers wanted an increase in wages? They got their increase after striking for what seemed like months, leaving cities smelling like sewerages. And, remember when teachers wanted an increase in wages as well? Yes, Matrics (Grade 12s) had to suffer for people to take notice.

I Don’t think it should always end up like this and it’s a damn shame seeing students, arrested for standing for what they believe in other than being offered an ear.

Although this isn’t a black or a white thing and all will benefit once the deals go through, one can’t help but wonder and conclude that we are still enslaved, as those who can’t afford a good education are left to get a mediocre education elsewhere because they can’t come up with the means. (Shouldn’t be like this Post 1994)


People are marginalized. People that can not pay school fees are marginalized. The poor are marginalized.  


Free education for all

No more lies


Beliciousmuse Team

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