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After a hard day at work, removing makeup is not the most fun thing to do. Removing makeup is even worse when you are constantly re-applying making. I don’t always use makeup but there are days I want to show you how a makeup product looks on my skin and I don’t only want to show you just one look so I apply, take off and reapply so, using a great makeup remover is imperative to me.

Removing makeup with soap or face wash all the time can be a little harsh as some of these face washes really dry out the skin. To make matters even more complicated, constantly touching the delicate eye area can really irritate it and cause it to bruise. Lighter skin tones have to be very careful when removing makeup as it can cause the face to bruise. Darker skin tones don’t have it as bad as darker skin tends to be a little thicker. Whether you are darker skin toned or not, your skin is already delicate by virtue of you being female.

I discovered the Oh So Heavenly – Classic care – Makeup remover a couple of months ago when I planned on filming a couple of makeup looks but wasn’t looking forward to it because I knew how annoying it would get, having to remove makeup then apply it again. So I went hunting for a good and affordable makeup remover

This oh So Heavenly Makeup remover is gentle and efficiently removes makeup including waterproof mascara. Have you ever tried removing make up but you can’t seem to remove the dark black circles around your eyes caused by waterproof mascara? This product removes everything.

These days there are matte lipstick products like Kylie Jenner’s Lip kits that cannot be effectively removed by conventional methods like water, soap and face wash so buying a good makeup remover will give you peace of mind.

Other ways of removing makeup if you don’t have a makeup remover: HACKS!

  1. Use baby oil, tissue oil or coconut oil for the body. Apply a little on the fingers and gently press in circular motions on the parts of the face that still have makeup. Oils help remove any kind of makeup because most makeup products are water resistant, not oil resistant. Be careful not to get any oil in your eyes as this might cause irritation; Its happened to me a lot, just a friendly warning.
  2. Face wipes are perfect for removing makeup on the go. The only annoying part about face wipes is that you have to use many and even when you have gotten all of it off, you still have to rinse your face, just for Kontrol.


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