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The Hot Pink Blush Jumpsuit is from Boraro Style. They provide diverse individuals with a mix of creative fashion and clothing in different styles. If you are looking to go get something different and unique and to your specifications for South Africa fashion week or any other function or event then Boraro style can provide that for you.

Fashion Brands and designers based in Pretoria are necessary, especially if you live in Pretoria and, when driving to pick up an outfit in Johannesburg while you live in Pretoria is a no-go. While having fashion designers everywhere in South Africa is important I can’t help but notice that it is easier for a small fashion business to grow exponentially by just moving to a metropolitan city like Johannesburg, Cape town and or Durban where most events happen and where influencers reside near by. And this follows any marketing plan you will ever see in terms of reaching a specific target market. It is very important for the right kind of people to pass by your shop/ business every day and metropolitan cities seem to house the more fashion conscious.

Any business venture needs the right kind of crowd as a driving force. Fashion week all over the world, be it New York, London, Milan, Paris is made even bigger with the right kind of media. The kind of media I’m talking about is the kind like newspapers, fashion magazines etc. and of course fashion and style bloggers. Someone once wrote on the internet, an article about fashion bloggers and how ‘annoying’ it is to only seeing fashion bloggers front row at New York fashion week. Maybe that person had an issue with one specific blogger and that’s why he or she said what they said but here are a couple of facts

  1. Not all of us can fit in a fashion show that’s designed to house about 500 people. But Sa fashion week has to be seen and experienced by a whole lot more than just 500 people and that’s why they use in-house and external media
  2. When those that write about fashion and often wear the latest trends tweet about fashion during fashion week, they get to reach a different audience which result in more people ‘viewing the collection’ when it’s still on. Which gives the impression of everyone having a front row seat and seeing the collections fresh off the runway a bit more clearly
  3. SA fashion week doesn’t necessarily ‘need’ us, they can market their collections whichever way they want or whichever way possible. Where there is a will, there is a way. Ads placed on billboards and TV have their own impact but some people just don’t care about fashion but will ‘follow’ their favorite celebrities and fashionistas ad this is where the magic happens i.e I Follow Thithi Nteta and have come to realize that I sometimes emulate her style…. because Thithi Nteta wore it or tweeted about it, I also want it. And that’s how it works for most people

And that is how you get other people to love fashion that wouldn’t have even dreamed about going to see a fashion shows at SA fashion week.

One of my favorite brands, Sunglass hut, invited us to a Sunglass hut Fashion night out for a pre-show celebration in anticipation of 2015 SA talent winner Dean Hauptfleisch spring/summer 2016 collection. It was amazing, ate good food and met a couple of incredible bloggers with Thithi Nteta being one of them. Thithi Nteta is from the blog TEETEEISWITHME and I must say, she is hilarious and very down to earth. Guys… Never assume you know someone until you actually meet them. I personally want to thank Sunglass hut for the opportunity, was incredible. The show I most enjoyed watching on day two of SA fashion week was Keys fashion and if you want to read more about it and see my fav’s from his show, click HERE.

For my hair, I decided to wear the Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, Noth West inspired Braids or plats but I wanted them to be a bit thicker. At the salon they called them ‘banana in braids’. The trend is interesting because white and black people have worn hair like this since forever. This hair trend is not a white or black thing; it’s just a hair thing. The locks i chose are obviously extended but it felt great to wear them for Fashion week



Images provided by Samantha Lee Moodley @SamanthaLeem

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