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A new kind of Fashion week was born, RETRO VINTAGE KOLEKTION, on the 10th of April 2015 in Pretoria. They call it RVK retro Vintage Kolektion. Interesting? Yes! Limiting? Maybe. If Retro is the theme of the fashion shows then limiting it may be and if the designs were strictly vintage then we might have a problem. An entire Fashion Week only to see Vintage outfits? But thank God that wasn’t the case.

I was greeted with an array of beautiful pieces. From Vintage, modern, post modern, trendy, classic and a whole lot more.

On top of my list is STANK HUME who did a great job in bringing something fresh to the party.The Stank Hume lay over coats were a hit and since its now winter, would be a great opportunity to get one as they are warm and different. Loved his entire collection.

STANK HUME: Lay over coats

Other eye catching pieces from STANK HUME included the branded jerseys. Its sometimes hard as young entrepreneurs to compete with huge corporates and their already massive brands. I take my hat off STANK HUME for taking the challenge and growing his brand in the same way the big fish do. Great work.

STANK HUME signature ladies wear. Loved this dress with the side detail.

STANK HUME men’s wear.

2. GAZIBO: These were good to look at. Loved the patriotic Swazi feel of the female model outfit and I threw the male models in just for control lol. To be quiet honest, the black outfits worn by the guys had perfect detailing and you could tell a lot of time was spent creating them. As we all know, men are very particular about what they put on their bodies but guys will find these appealing.  Find out more HERE


3. DELELA . Loved the branding on these dungarees.  I was wearing something similar on the night so I might be biased because I am already a fan but don’t just take my word for it get one if you like from HERE.

That’s it dolls and gents. Highlights of RVK FASHION WEEK.

Looking forward to the next one.


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  1. Much appreciate……..much love.

    1. You are most Welcome. Props where props due.

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