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Who is is Sheila Madge?

Sheila Madge is a very talented South Africa fashion designer that is currently taking over the South African fashion industry with her eclectic sense of style and designs.We first got a taste of the fashion designer Sheila Madge style in the summer of 2016. Her fashion designs were young, full of life and vibrant. Sheila Madge personalty is warm and soothing and its a joy to work with her and we look forward to trying on her clothes. Sheila Madge takes inspiration from the natural environment in which she was raised as well as designers such as Maison Martin Margiela, Alexander McQueen, Valentino and Yiqing Yin. Elements of the forest plantations in the Natal Midlands and the ocean, specifically Bakoven beach in Cape Town, manifests strongly in the colours and textures of many of her designs.

Why do we love her?

Sheila Madge lives in Pretoria so she is proudly South Africa. This fashion designer was also featured in Cosmopolitan South Africa, the one starring Blac Chyna. So Blac Chyna WEARS Sheila Madge!!! The Prints on Sheila Madge designs are out of this world and quirky. She features from the most extreme reptile prints to the most authentic of African cultural shapes. Her clothes are bright but are fit to be worn by almost anyone. Whether you are thin or on the more thicker side, Sheila Madge pieces, accessories or an entire outfit will look absolutely fashion forward on any woman.

What is her super power?

Sheila Madge specializes in WEDDING COUTURE. Our most fascinating collection from the wedding couture are the dresses she made with the theme Bali Ha’i. Bali Ha’i is a show tune from the film South Pacific. It refers to a mystical island, visible, but unreachable. The character, “Bloody Mary”, lures the soldiers of South Pacific into the Utopian of the unknown. Sheila-Madge created a range that reflects the romanticism within all things mysterious, enticing the wearer to step into a dreamy reality between past and present, between minimal and frivolous.

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