yellow skirt with slit style


Had a dream i was queen, woke up. still a queen: FASHION BLOG INSPIRED SIDE SLIT SKIRT

Its interesting how some of us walk with our heads bowed down as if we are worshipping the ground. No honey… the ground was never meant to be worshipped. The only time you should be bowing down when walking, is to look at your cute and beautiful shoes.  I get it, we all, at times, have insecurities, but tell me which celebrity or female doesn’t have a single insecurity.

We put on makeup to look more beautiful and have smooth skin but some of us put on make-up to be glamorous and some to cover and fix blemishes. But, for whatever reason you wear makeup, its ok, you don’t have to explain to anyone because you are a grown woman and you can do whatever you want. Being a woman means you are part the elite group of people that are called Queens. A Queen  is independent, has her own money and most of all, queens are  confident as confidence  is one of the most alluring things a woman can wear.

But who can be called Queen?  In chess…  A queen is the most powerful piece each player has,  to move in any direction along a rank on which it stands. A Queen in a chess piece protects the King but also every other piece on the chess board. In reality,  a queen is a woman that is highly respected, a sovereign or monarch. But what is respect? Respect is  to hold in esteem or honour.  Respect is earned and respect is given. But.. people will  respect you when you respect yourself. In essence, if being a queen requires respect then once you respect yourself, you become a Queen.

I dreamed i was queen, woke up, still a queen.  A Queen is not only the person you see on TV.. We are all queens when we believe that we are. But being a queen is not as easy as it sounds or looks. Being a queen in modern times is being a Girl boss. Boss= Built on self-success.

Growing up it was impressed upon me that i should get married to a guy that can take care of me. Now that I’m grown, i see the value in that impression but there is something i want to take away from that. “Be with a man that can take care of you but first be able to take care of yourself”.

None queening girls be like, ‘ i want a guy with money’, when in actual fact they themselves don’t have money. I want a man that drives a huge and expensive car’, but honey.. what car do you drive? I’m not saying that we shouldn’t aim high in life when it comes to our partners, we should just have the same standards for ourselves . We should aim higher and  be girl bosses.

For my boss duties I wore this FASHION BLOG INSPIRED SIDE SLIT SKIRT  in the colour mustard or yellow. I picked this fashion blog inspired side slit skirt because i see a lot of bloggers wearing these long beautiful skirts and they still look sexy . This FASHION BLOG INSPIRED SIDE SLIT SKIRT is from YDE/ Young designers emporium clothing. FASHION BLOG INSPIRED SIDE SLIT SKIRT s are so in style lately and are perfect for queens that want to look sexy while wearing long skirts. I added an orange chiffon/ satin long top which I knotted in the front for a more casual sensual look. Loved pairing the fashion blog inspired side slit skirt in mustard with an orange satin top because why not?  I’m a queen and I can do whatever I want. Bosses don’t ask for permission, we just do.

Anyway.. this blog was just to remind you that a girl should be two things, a boss and independent  with a little pizzaz for sauce. This blog is also to share with you want i wore to dinner at Boabba . Boabab provided us with a great evening full of sparkly lights , Champaign and good food. The visuals were amazing and the night fit for a queen.

Slay all day


Skirt: YDE

Top: H&M

Shoes: Madison Shoes

Earrings: Lovisa

yellow skirt with slit style
yellow skirt with slit style

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