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The invitation to FAIRLAWNS BOUTIQUE HOTEL was rather unexpected but the day turned out to be a major highlight.  After confirming, I expected to walk into a hotel similar to most of the hotels I stay in when I’m away from home or when doing a shoot. But that is not what happened. It was an experience of a lifetime.

What stood out was how graciously I was treated when entering the premises. A princess I was, even if it was just for a day. Was it just my imagination or the staff just seemed sooo much nicer and not the fake nice, genuine stuff? Anything I wanted, I got. Lol Oh… Well… Not everything… But, you get the point.

Arrival was accompanied with champagne and snacks plus the beautiful scenery. And that’s only the outside. The inside décor was breath taking. Each piece is meticulously chosen for its specific and creative purpose to make a beautiful space. Stunning!

Some hotels can be classified as homes away from home. But when you enter any of the Fairlawn boutique guest rooms, it doesn’t feel like a home away from home. It feels like you have stepped onto another planet. Surreal! Pure excitement. I had this amazed look on my face the whole time I was there. This couldn’t be hid. I couldn’t postpone feeling it in the future where I could be joyful and goofy by myself, no! Had to experience and express it at that moment.

That person that walked in FAIRLAWNS BOUTIQUE HOTEL  that day is different to the person that I am today. To say that FAIRLAWNS BOUTIQUE HOTEL  changed my life will be a little melodramatic. I have experienced so many other emotions and events in my life that have made me the person that I am today. But I will say thou that walking into Fairlawn boutique hotel, in Sandton, changed how I look at beauty, décor and accommodation anywhere in the world.

If you think you think your eyes have seen the glory one time when visiting a boutique hotel well, your eye will now see the Milky Way. Fairlawn boutique hotel will blow your mind. It’s all about levels here and Fairlawn boutique hotel sets the bar. And it sets it high!

FAIRLAWNS BOUTIQUE HOTEL will be introducing picnics towards end of September, make sure to check it out.All images take by yours truly.



Amazing, refreshing, lovely, romantic get away!

Excellent Hotel for both business and pleasure.


I loved everything about this this specific room. Clean, modern and very comfortable.


Larger than a 5 star hotel with the personal touch of a small B&B.


Breathtaking views.


Cant wait for FAIRLAWNBOUTIQUE HOTEL picnics.


Perfect spaces and very good looking.



Can’t say enough about FAIRLAWN BOUTIQUE HOTEL , its staff and service is impeccable.


I wanted to take this TUB back home. They said NO!!! #Crying.

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