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Living in South Africa, or any other country populated with brown skin beauties makes it easier to get the right shades of foundation for almost every type and kind of skin tone. While it might be a little harder for dark skin beauties to get their perfect foundations in western countries like the UK or even the United States, we, South Africans, don’t necessarily have the same problem. Make-up companies have to provide us with an array of different pigmented tones because Melanin is the majority.  It’s almost a competition.

When you look at it, it makes perfect sense. When I first visited the United kingdom, I entered High Cross Mall and for the first time in my life I saw a sea of blonde, brown, black, straight and curly hair on fair skin tones and LOL these were not weaves. I could almost count the number of darker skin toned bodies in there and believe me, the mall was huge. So market wise, it makes a lot of business sense to produce makeup for lighter tones in the UK because even if you are dark skinned, living in the UK for a long time can change your skin color from a darker to a lighter shade because of the lack of sun in parts of Europe.

While European countries have a larger majority of the Caucasian race, there are still deep brown people living there that appreciate and love makeup so there are literally no excuses for not manufacturing makeup products for the richer brown skin. So I’m going to talk about shades of makeup that are good for brown skin starting from foundation, lip colors, eye shadows and blushes and I’m also going to mention the companies that are front-runners for producing beautiful makeup for all races across the board.

Let’s start with foundation.

  1. Yardley might not be the most expensive foundation out there but It sure does the job. They have foundations that are matte, my favorite being the stay fast foundation that quickly sets and stays longer; for approximately 12 hours without cracking. Well, I live in South Africa right, so in my experience, with the crazy heat and absurd temptations, I’d say it last for about 6 to 8 hours then starts cracking. What I love most about Yardley products is the different types of make-up shades. They have chestnut, caramel, hazel etc. of which they all brown but different shades of brown with different undertones. I’m also in love with the age defy foundation range which has a high SPF and, the airbrush range. Getting the perfect shade of your skin from Yardley has never been easier. I’m using the Stay fast foundation in the shade Chestnut. Yardley also has beautiful translucent powders, so taking away shine is now a very simple step.

2. Lipsticks that look natural on African skin tones, as well as beautiful are from INGLOT. This specific one I’m wearing is from their matte range. The colour 409 and 412 , you can use either or, the shades are very similar. I love mixing Inglot with Mac cosmetics and that is what I did here. I felt the berry color was a bit too boring with the green eyeshadow so I decided to layer on Ruby Woo from mac cosmetics. Reds, purples, berry , and Oranges look great on brown skin tones especially if the eye shadow is a pop  of green, blue  and even yellow, the more different the eye shadow is to the lips, the more dramatic and the more appealing.

3. Deep pink Blushes, orange and even brown blushes work well with brown skin tones especially if you don’t want to make it too obvious you are wearing blush. As dark skin people, we don’t turn red or pink when we are embarrassed or shy or even angry, so the more natural the blush is the better and the more appealing. I’m using a slightly brow, orange pink blush from OPAL in these images. Still hunting for the perfect brown, nude blush. When I get it, I’ll let you know.

4. Eye Shadows. Do you know the many different eye shadow looks you can recreate with a rainbow of eye shadow pallets yet we stick to the normal colors, which shows no creativity or risk at all. Eye shadows that look awesome on brow skin beauties are eye shadows with natural earthy tones. Unless you doing a magazine editorial, keep it natural and rich. I personally think that if it’s a day time look, stick to matte tones, like, forest green, sea blue, sun orange, maroon, fire red etc. I recommend sticking to natural earthy, rich tones for day time looks and shiny out of this world colors for night looks, go to town, and go all out.

N.B Guys im not naked..LOL Just wearing a boob-tube

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  1. nelly says:

    even if you were”naked” lol…still beautifl

    1. Aaahhhhh… you are too sweet. . THANK YOU NELLY :-). Indaba people jump into conclusions. .. just wantedto clarify 🙂

  2. Refiloe says:

    You look beautiful. Best make up pictures from your blog this far. Great job

    1. Thank you refiloe 🙂

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