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Everything wrong with X-men Dark Phoenix

I recently went to watch X-Men Dark Phoenix and I was, underwhelmed. First of all, I thought that Jean Grey died in X-Men 3 – The last stand, in 2006. But apparently, In X-men Dark Phoenix, Jean dies at the start of X-Men Dark Phoenix released in 2019, other than towards the end of X-Men 3 released in 2006. X-Men dark Phoenix doesn’t make sense and the story seems like it shouldn’t even have been created.

Raven (Mystique) was done an Injustice

If Marvel was looking for a character for them to expand, the obvious choice would have been mystique. Unfortunately, Mystique story-line is expanded in lengths in X-Men first Class, so that story can’t be written again.

Dark Phoenix was Terrible

And I was under the impression that Marvel is a movie production company that has created the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And, I was also under the impression that the Cinematic Universe is not exclusive to just Avengers, Iron Man, Captain America, Captain Marvel, The Hulk, Black Panther etc. So for them to entirely assassinate an entire story line of Mystique in Dark Phoenix, just didn’t make sense to me. It felt like i was watching Game of Thrones Final episode in Season 8. Boring, lackluster, ill thought-out and terrible.

Sophie Turner, from Game of Thrones disaster, straight to X-men Flop

Sophie Turner, Bless her soul, she was handed a very bad script. When did Marvel start using Brands other than expanding on characters? It’s Characters, Not Brands, That Attract Audiences. We do not go to watch a Marvel movie because of a famous actor. We watch Marvel movies because the characters are relatable. Even if they had chose an Actor with no experience, they would not have been able to do a good job acting as Jean Grey, BECAUSE THE SCRIPT WAS SHIT!!!

Dr Xavier wasn’t in Dark Phoenix! Who was THAT playing his role?

When did Dr Xavier become so ambitious and selfish that he puts his own mutants at risk? and when did Magneto take up farming? Mystique, as well as doctor Xavier and Magneto to a large extent, make the X-Men but the plot was assassinated from the jump. We as the audience, wouldn’t have cared if the movie had little to no special effects, as long as the story touched us.

I have so many questions

X-Men dark Phoenix has so many holes. I have so many questions.
1. The first question is : the aliens from the other planet, why can’t they die. From all the villains in X-Men, Avengers movies and in all super hero movies, there is always something that kills the villains. And in X-Men Dark Phoenix, there is no explanation why the Aliens don’t die. They have so many bullets shot at them, but they don’t die. Why don’t they die?

Why is everyone flying?

2. The other annoying thing about X-Men dark Phoenix is: everybody is flying. Everybody is able to fly. it’s like they are not able to walk because they want to be flying all the time. They want to show us that they can fly. but we know that they can fly because there’s so many other superheroes that have come before dark Phoenix. We know that they can fly but nobody was walking, everybody was flying. Effortlessly. Which was annoying to watch.  It was like watching an episode of the Flash. Everyone is a flash.

Is there anything good in Dark Phoenix?

However there are some pros to X-Men dark Phoenix but the pros are stuff that we already know. Like the awesome acting of Dr Xavier, and it was nice seeing Magneto, it had been a while.

X-men Dark Phoenix is worse than Fantastic Four and all DC Movies put together

I honestly feel like X-Men dark Phoenix is the worst X-Men movie to date and if somebody told me that they had shot the entire thing on a green screen I would believe it. There was nothing real in that movie especially the story line. So many movies have been shot with less budget than Marvel but the stories were captivating and that’s why some of these stories go ahead and win multiple awards. And that’s another reason why even though Black Panther is a superhero movie, it won an Oscar because of how it touched people’s lives and that is something that dark Phoenix does not do.

For the first time in my entire life I was underwhelmed by a Marvel movie, which is uncommon. It was simply beautifully disappointing, because at-least there was awesome graphics.

Forbes Magazine is predicting X-men Dark phoenix to be worst than Marvels Fantastic Four. Shame , if you want a thrill rather go watch Aladdin. I haven’t seen it yet, but i bet it’s better than Dark Phoenix.

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  1. Mondli says:

    I am not much of a X-Men, but did enjoy this movie slightly!

    1. I am a huge fan so I was highly disappointed… I expected more from this franchise

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