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ERRE Fashion gives power dressing more colour. The latest Collection

Erre Fashion Synonymous with Girl Boss

Powerful means having great strength, prestige, or influence. This Powerful noun describes the effect or influence of leading many or making important deductions. When a girl wears a garment designed by Erre, the girl transforms into a noticeable woman. She walks different, the way she carries herself is different and the way people look at her changes. The ERRE garment is not just a garment. It is the the epitome of modern power dressing with a touch of Sass. ERRE fashion revealed its latest collection on day Three of SA fashion week 2019 and the tent was in oohhhhs and aaahhhhs.

Erre Fashion snatching Power dressing Queen title from Rihanna

Power dressing has evolved since the days when Rihanna wore shoulder pads in almost all her music videos from her album Rated R. Everybody new Lady Gaga and Rihanna for their use of shoulder pads in their stylistic outfits which pathed the way for shoulder pads in Y2k. There was a large presence of shoulder pads on many runways, in fashion designer collections, and a revival of 1980s trends became mainstream among many people who were interested in them. But today, ERRE Fashion is in the business of creating new powerful fashion designs with the young and older woman in mind, without using shoulder pads. These two generations were brought together by the love of power dressing.

Being taken seriously is relatively relative. It’s how you carry yourself that makes the difference. But, wearing the right kind of dress for the perfect occasion is another way of earning respect. ERRE breaks barriers and you are noticeable without the need of showing off your thighs or cleavage. 

Erre Fashion does not do too sexy, they do sassy. So while the red dress in these images is a bit short, its only short because its probably the wrong size p.s its not an issue to me. And while ERRE might design the perfect below the knee dress for the Boss woman seeking to adorn herself with honor, others, like us, just keep going the opposite direction, lol. In some pictures the ERRE red dress looks short and in others the Erre red dress looks longer, Its still an ERRE and although its short, its still has impact.

What to wear to SAFW and what we wore.

ERRE is distinctive. The ladies walking down the Runway In ERRE glowed with fine details and quality fabrics. Three years ago ERRE was pure black, no colour, but now different hues are added little by little. And although ERRE fans are familiar with yellow and red ERRE garments , nothing could have prepared us for the burgundy dress and nude ” the Great Gatsby-esq inspired” one in exactly the same design. The ERRE FASHION COLLECTION lit up with sparking black swim wear, signature ERRE Details and colorful powerful dresses of all types.

An ERRE dress doesn’t need a jacket or blazer because everything is so layered. The red dress worn by Beatrice Banda at SA Fashion week was warm. The fabrics allow you to wear this dress without a coat because ‘ it has a coat’, i call it a cape. The cape at the back can be brought forward to the front by a flip of the wrist, which then transforms and looks like a frontal neck piece around the bra area. Pure magic.

The RED Dress with a Cape

I am honored to be part of the continual power dressing revolution in South Africa. Congratulations ERRE, cant wait to try some of your new pieces.


Check Out More behind the scenes and More of the Red Dress below

Images taken by the talented and powerful Linda Modika, the one in the cute black shorts.

Dress: Erre FASHION

Shoes: Steve Madden. (Shop Here)

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