How they took pictures in what seemed like an Enchanted Forest:

It was a warm but chilly afternoon one Wednesday in May.  She had gone to work but was now making her way towards the parking lot in search of Kagiso’s Car. Kagiso had called, about 20 minutes earlier but she had been a bit busy trying to wrap up her own work so she arrived at Kagiso’s car 20 minutes after the call.  Kagiso and she had planned to do a photoshoot somewhere in Irene but the exact location wasn’t known. She got into her own car, after seeing him, picked up her clothes and makeup and shoes and dumped them in his car. She wanted to get in the passenger’s seat but the passenger’s seat was occupied by a guy she didn’t know. So, here she goes, annoyed that she had to backup, settles for the backseat.  The backseat wasn’t problem as she later found out that the guy in the passenger’s seat would be helping out with the shoot.

The journey to Irene was a fun one as they all engaged in useless talk, shared crazy jokes and laughed out loud. The aim for the day was to find a good spot with the effect of an enchanted forest to take images at. So they drove around until Kagiso parked in front of a huge white building estate that looked like it belonged in another century in a different country. They later found out that the building was a four star hotel. Shocked as they parked, she asked… is this where we are taking the pictures? He tried to answer by walking closer to her and looking deeply in her eyes. She backed up a little because she didn’t understand why he should look so deeply in her eyes if he was just giving a simple response to whether they would be taking pictures there or not. He got closer to her and finally answered her question as he smiled at her bewildered facial expression. NO… we will not be taking pictures here, we are simply using it as a pit stop for your outfit change.

Shocked, she exclaimed, are you serious!? Will they even allow us to go in the bathrooms?? i mean.. How much does it cost to even do a shoot here, as she looked around? Kagiso replied and said, R1000.00! Shocked again… she asked, so… why are we here? Kagiso responded, don’t worry about it, just ask for the restrooms and we will do the talking of ‘enquiring’ about the place and once we are done ‘enquiring’, I’m hopeful you you’ll be done changing.

Reluctantly she took her bags and went to the bathrooms. While changing she kept on looking if there was someone coming as she felt like she was doing something illegal and wrong. The bathrooms were quiet, the walls clean but not enough light for her to use when putting on her makeup. After 20 minutes she was done and apparently so where Kagiso and his friend, they were done ‘inquiring’. They helped with her bags and soon after drove out of the very beautiful renaissance looking white walled hotel farm building. She kept on wishing they would stay as she looked out the window and saw the gates open and close with longing in her eyes.

She had to get over it soon because she knew that if she kept being sad, it would show in the pictures. Kagiso stopped the car outside what seemed like an enchanted forest and asked her to take her position as he prepared his cameras.

She was a bit relieved that the feeling that they were previously doing something illegal was slowly leaving her but now came a different feeling, a feeling of fear.  It was close to four pm and the sun was setting so shadows appeared around the set.  The set looked beautiful. The look and feel of the falling autumn leaves, the quiet streams and the strong and bulky trees all looked perfect for optics but scary as well. She quickly brushed the bitter sweet feeling and continued to pose for the camera. But the feeling that someone was watching them in between the shadows was strong but she kept doing her job until she couldn’t take it no more. In-between the trees, something was moving. At first she heard it alone but the second time, everyone heard it and they all stopped working. The sound was coming between two tress. The girl looked at the two guys and she slowly started taking of her high heeled shoes. The bush between the tress moved again and this time, everyone started running towards the car. When they looked back they saw that it was just a cat. But what was a cat doing in the middle of Irene in this Disney inspired enchanted forest. ???!! She didn’t want to know. The shoot ended 5 minutes later as they regained their composure and slowly drove back to Pretoria. They  day was filled with amazement, anxiety and fun but the most interesting emotion of the day came from the expression Kagiso and the friend showed when they heard the hustling in the bushes. HAHAHAHA Priceless


SHOES: Madison Shoes

Earrings: Gift from Tresemme

Chocker: Models Own

LIPS: Mac Cosmetics Retro Matte Lip Colours




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