Elancyl Slim Design Anti Cellulite Review

Elancyl Slim Design anti Cellulite Review 2022

I remember doing a review on the SLIM DESIGN ANTI-CELLULITE & ANTI-STRETCH MARK OIL a couple of years ago. Elancyl had sent me a PR package and I was excited to try out the fancy green spray. The Elancyl Slim Design anti cellulite and anti-stretchmarks spray is designed to treat cellulite and prevent stretch marks. According to Elancyl, the spray is supposed to

  1. Nodules are smoothened out as of day fourteen
  2. Clinically proven slimming as of day seven and
  3. Less visibility, length, and intensity of stretch marks as of day twenty-eight

I am always weary of products that promise such fast and efficient turnaround times for effectivity, so I am always willing to take the test and try out the product for myself. But lucky for me, I  have already done the test a couple of years ago and you can read ALL about it on Beliciousmuse.com on this page.

2022 Elancyl Slim Design Anti Cellulite Review

As I get older each day, I see my body changing. Sometimes I like the change and sometimes I do not. But when I do not like how my body is changing, I do not just complain and wine about it, if I can do something about it, I do. So, let us talk about my thighs.

I know what makes me fat, I know what I need to do to get to my ideal weight and I am very self-aware. I know when things have changed, even the slightest. So, when I started getting a lot more cellulite on my things, I knew the culprit The Culprit was RED MEAT and lack of water.

I have a love hate relationship with red meat. I love it but it is not good for my heart or my thighs, so I decided to cut it out almost complete. Eat it ONLY if there are no other options and I make sure I do not eat more than I must. I am more into chicken and fish.

Resolving my Cellulite Problem with Elancyl

One thing I will tell you about Elancyl SLIM DESIGN ANTI CELLULITE & ANTI-STRETCH MARK OIL is that this oil IMMEDIATELY LESSENS THE APPEARACE OF STRETH MARCKS. When the skin is dry, cellulite is more visible. By dry skin I am talking about not putting enough lotion on the skin and not drinking enough water. Wearing the Elancyl Slim Design anti cellulite ad anti stretch marks oil on my things and all over my body, the skin looks SOOO much better and healthier.

If you ever need to take pictures at the beach and you feel self-conscious about your cellulite the Elancyl Slim Design will and can give you a slight boost of confidence. The thighs look healthy and shiny and picture ready.


Since people are made from about 60 percent water, it makes perfect sense that dehydration plays a significant role in cellulite build-up in general. There is a lot that can contribute to an accumulation of cellulite. Not getting enough water and sleep and not enough healthy hydrating foods like fruits and vegetables can cause toxic accumulation in the fat cells that is difficult for the body to metabolize and contributes to the orange peel texture of cellulite. Also, dehydration causes weaker skin and skin texture. When the skin is not that strong, it is more inclined to show cellulite. So, drinking plenty of water can honestly help the human body in metabolizing fat, getting rid of toxic waste, and hiding cellulite via thicker skin.

Why Purchase Elancyl Slim Design

The Elancyl Slim Design anti-cellulite and anti-stretch mark oil has two important actions. The two actions of this two-phase oil rapidly result in a slimmer figure and smoother skin. A two-phase oil with a 2 in 1 action:

Products that are created for the skin should have Water in them for them to have any chance of hydrating the skin. Elancyl is a water oil with the best concentrations of active ingredients to effectively promote the elimination of molecules that contain hydrocarbons and make up the building blocks of the structure and function of living cells by using caffeine to soothe and ivy, which together with a massage promotes drainage.

An oily phase specifically composed of Camelina oil, an excellent anti-stretch mark agent that enhances the appearance and helps remove recent stretch marks.

Incredibly practical, just a few sprays are sufficient.

Where to purchase Elancyl Smil Design

This product can be purchased at Takealot and Care to Beauty. Hope this has been helpful



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