The Edgars Collab ZA event in Orange floral backless summer dress

The Edgars Collab ZA event Sandton City

We had such fun at the Edgars Collab ZA Pop-Up event last night at Sandton City that we did not want to leave. The atmosphere was warm and welcoming, the drinks cold and the food filling. I had the fantastic opportunity of being at the event with my best friend, Lweendo. We, together, experienced some excellent runway walks, spectacular designs, and a revolutionary shift into the movement of homemade luxury but affordable fashion. I feel inspired and so proud to be a South African to see how we have moved as a country and how different markets continue to grow with the support of South Africa itself. It was beautiful seeing Black women in this Space that Edgars had made available to them. I always say this, and I will continue to say this. I love seeing Black women flourish and be prosperous. It is one of life’s greatest pleasures, seeing black women loved, cared for, nurtured, and loved.


South African retailers have fierce competition in the form of cheap, mass-produced clothing manufactured overseas. In the face of this, Edgars, the 93-year-old fashion emporium, is hard at work growing its local fashion designer portfolio, allowing these designers to highlight and sell their luxury garments through formalized retail.

Edgars is on a mission to develop manufacturing and build a value chain with designers by offering retail space to 11 South African creatives. To highlight this brilliant partnership, Edgars hosted a VIP fashion event at its Edgars Sandton store early in October. Leigh Schubert, Jo Borkett, Amanda Laird Cherry, Colleen Eitzen, Adore Couture (Joy-Lee Coco), Mila (Khanyi Malimela), Storm (Chantelle Storm), Royal Moosh (Bayada Buthelezi) and Igoda (Zola Shabangu) are just some of the designer labels available to fashion devotees.

Inspired by the growing and hugely talented pool of fashion designers in South Africa, Edgars is dedicated to playing a part in rebuilding, igniting, and supporting the local fashion industry. Edgars, a fashion and beauty destination, supports #madeinSA. This means making floor space for quality chic, elegant and unique, on-trend s wear for Edgars stores with locally designed couture.

This demonstrates Edgars’ commitment to supporting the South African fashion industry by guiding and building young designers’ business development. It allows Edgars to increase their business and cultivate this into a steady initiative that will revitalize and expand these designers’ brands not only within Edgars but to the local and international markets too.

Many of these designer brands will now be available in a national chain store setting for the first time. Prior to this, these designer garments were confined to boutiques or online. Being conscious of how they could provide a mainstream retail platform, Edgars is determined to give local designers an opportunity to experience formal retail in a new way.

With Edgars providing the retail platform, these designers have a unique opportunity to extend their businesses and augment their customer base. Edgars reaffirms its commitment as South Africa’s leading fashion emporium as it launches this exciting extravaganza of sensational South African designer collections.

My dress:  The orange floral backless summer dress

I got so many compliments throughout the night about my dress. I wanted to buy something semi-formal and casual at YDE Kollonade Mall, but load shedding struck, and we had to leave the store. I then had to find another store to buy my garment because I was not going to wait for two hours for the lights to come back so I could purchase a dress. I had the Edgars Collab ZA Pop-up event to go to. And it started at 5 PM.

Ok, so let us talk about the dress. The dress is from Foschini, and you can purchase it here. It is a fun, floral summer dress and very lightweight, considering it has been around 40 degrees Celsius the past few days. So, this was perfect to wear on a Summer/Spring evening in Johannesburg.

What I love most about this dress is the open back. But I have a love-hate relationship with the open-back. First, you notice that the open back means you either wear a bra that only supports and covers the front or go braless. I chose to go braless cause FREE THE NIPPLE.

Everyone loved this orange floral backless summer dress, and rightfully so. It is a gorgeous summer dress for fun, fearless females.

Driving from Pretoria to Johannesburg

While it is all fun and games to attend launches and events in Johannesburg, petrol prices are no joke, so most of the events I attend must have a deeper purpose. I would have been so sad not to be able to witness the greatness last night if I had decided not to make it to the event for whatever reason. Everyone looked amazing, and the clothes displayed were top-of-the-line. For a long time, Edgars used to be that store you to get something casual or the go-to place to be when you want some international fashion. But here we are a few years later, seeing affordable luxury made in South Africa. I hope you enjoyed reading this blog and bookmark it, so you never miss another post. Alternatively, subscribe to our Email list. Below are images of the dress I wore to the Edgars Collab ZA Pop-up event and the photos of the orange floral backless summer dress.

Best friends are necessary

Lweendo could not ride with me to the event as she had to work a bit later. But what I can tell you is that Lweendo shows up. And I was so excited once I saw her entering the Edgars Collab ZA event, although she was a late, which was understandable because the bills do not pay themselves. The fun started once she got there because although I was there to work, life and work are always done better with a close friend. I love her too bits.

Fun fact about Lweendo: She already had pieces from some designers in her wardrobe. So, she could notice the aesthetic and style of a specific designer as the models were coming down the runway. I love that for her.

See you soon

Ok, so… this was a fun blog to write. It is because I was so hyped and had such a fantastic experience at the Edgars Collab ZA pop-up event in my orange floral backless summer dress. Blogging might look easy, but it is sometimes hard. But I am glad writing this blog post was easy. It is now 6 AM, and I’ve to start getting ready for work. See you in the next blog post, and do not forget to comment, like and subscribe on our social media.



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