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To get married in Durban is a beautiful thing. Durban, in the warmer months is the perfect place to have a wedding. Also, if you are Zulu and Durban , KwaZulu Natal is your home, why not get married there? I say why not get married there because Tshwane is very far from Durban. My friend Slindile got married in Durban and she is one of the most beautiful brides i have ever seen. Slindile, when she walked down the isle was a sight to be hold. She looked so graceful in that beautiful princess ball gown. A bridal gown fit for a Queen. Slindile had the most immaculate Durban wedding and no one will ever change my opinion on this matter. 

I was a brides maid at this wedding and this wedding took place in the Autumn of 2014. We, her brides maids, wore bright Yellow Cute fairy like brides maids dresses and i enjoyed every bit of catering to my friend on her wedding day in Durban. 

What i didnt expect to happen though, was for all of us to be called back the year after to continue the ceremony. I’m writing this in the year 2020. But you guys can read what i wrote in 2014. Lol wow, ive been blogging for some time now. What a blssing it is to have lived this long. Read below for my state of mind in 2014. 


The End

Durban is a beautiful city and great for  DURBAN WEDDINGS , but it was made more beautiful this past Easter weekend with the wedding of my dear friend Slindile. As far back as I can remember I’ve actually never been a fan of weddings. I wasn’t a fan maybe because as a single woman you are constantly reminded at every wedding that you are still single but when Slindile calls you, you answer.

I have a very small circle of friends and Slindile being one of my closest friends we used to spend a lot of time praying together unfortunately she had to relocate to Durban  because of work then I was left to send application forms to other ladies to fill the void that she created. #sigh

We were friends since 2006/7 If I’m not mistaken. It’s safe to say that Sli, Short for Slindile (Pronounced Slee) is not an Angel but neither am i. We’d make each other so angry at times but we we’d never turn our backs from each other. We worked things out. Being friends with Sli made me grow as a person. Her being from KZN Durban  taught me a lot about her culture and I saw in Sli a different but very similar person to me.

Time passed but we kept contact. She’s the kind of friend who won’t accuse you of being silent because she knows you probably just a bit busy and assumes that when you find the time you’ll call. Whenever we’d see each other again after weeks or months it would be like she had never left and pick up from where we left of. Slindile Inspired motivated me and kept me grounded and when she relocated she left in me values I still keep and cherish till this very day. Then God blessed her with a partner that is so like her and on the 20th of April ‘Cebo put a ring on it’.

On her wedding day Sli was flawless, her skin radiated, her face was screaming of happiness. Let me not even talk about her dress! Wow! In Awe! She looked like a princess;   her demeanor was so classy, elegant. Who better to be a bride’s maid for than a friend who has had so much impact in my life? We prayed and fasted many years ago but on the 20th of April 2014 one prayer request was answered, a good, giving and God fearing husband and that’s exactly what God provided her.

Congratulations my friend. You deserve all the goodness and mercies that will continue to follow  you all the days of your life.

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  1. Rose says:

    I love the bride’s maids dresses… The metallic shimmer with the powder yellow really does work… Is that Vestido Rose also? Awesome content!

    1. Girl.. i wish i did the brides maid dresses hey, but unfortunately i didn’t. Slindile wanted someone that lives in Durban for easy access… and you know im a Pretorian.. That being said, i think the dresses are cute, i personally thought i looked like a Fairly. The wedding was sooo glamorous and beautiful

  2. Andiswa Tshefu says:

    That wedding dress thou..,. No words…

    1. I know right!!!! we were all so stunned..she looked like she just walked out of walt Disney 🙂 Princess tendencies.

  3. steph says:

    Not enough pics lady….beautiful Bea. ..keep blogging 🙂

    1. Chomi… :-)ill see if I can upload more… but these are my favourite

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  5. Mlee says:

    Beauty & Glam ?????

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