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There is this awesome website with an array of beautiful and affordable clothing for men and women. Its Superbalist. When I checked out the Womens wear I got excited because there was so much to choose from. Being spoilt for choice has its perks but also its disadvantages. The down side is that you don’t know what to pick. So ive narrowed down my top five outfits on five special occasions

  1. My top pick for the SPECIAL OCCASION that almost every girl dreams about is the Wedding day  or in this case, the friends wedding day and for such an occasion I’ve chosen the Burgundy  Plunge Eyelet Midi Dress by Lavish Alice. Why? ok.. Lets break it down. Its gorgeous, the colour is breath taking, the length of the dress is a bit too long for me but its assisted by the slit which then makes the dress perfect and, last but not least, the plunging neckline giving room for delicate jewelry around the neck.

dress the part 5

2. When I go to a PARTY, I always want to make a statement, and look my best. Whether its by showing off my figure in a tight dress, or showing off the legs in a short dress or whether its by showing off a detailed dress and, that’s why my first pick for the party occasion is the  Skip A Beat Lace Embroidered Dress by Goldie. The illusion of sheer fabric is teasing yet doesn’t reveal too much. What I love most about this dress is how eye catching and sexy it looks.

3. Gone are the days when going to WORK was all about all black, ties and power suits. While all of that is nice, it feels awesome moving away from the traditional trend to wearing the more chic and more feminine collections. Love this if you need to be covered in the more corporate environment but its also whimsical, making it a greet corporate , artistic mix.

4. Going OUT DOORS but don’t want to wear jeans? Well, ive got the perfect solution. Wear a dress and confortable shoes. N.B Short  dress, not too short cause you will be jumping up and down and having fun but not too long, cause you are a fashionista. The prints on this dress scream young, stylish and fearless. I love this dress because of the detailing, the long sleeves and the gorgeouse autumn colours.  This Corrine Skater Dress is from Vero Moda.

5. Last but not least… this is an EVERY DAY WEAR dress for me. You can wear it at home casually, but it looks so good you could even wear it to work one day when you feeling lucky. You could also wear it to a party or to  a wedding with the right accessories and shoes. The everyday dress for no special occasion but on any occasion.

dress the part 6

All these dresses can be found and purchased on SUPERBALIST ( click on the link to view more) and make sure to check their Project on SUPERBALIST  Website HERE.



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