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 Fashion Designer to know Khosi Nkosi

The Black Panther is a Marvel Comics superhero based in the fictional African country of Wakanda. If you are as huge of a Marvel Movie fan as I am, you will have already seen the trailer but, if you haven’t seen the trailer, you can watch it here.  The Wakanda tribe are as unique as they are beautiful which is reminiscent of the girl that wears Khosi Nkosi. She is not afraid to be seen, actually wants to be seen, recognized and doesn’t mind signing autographs. The Khosi Nkosi Girl is also fun and sexy as you will see with all the red on the Khosi Nkosi RUNWAY SHOW.  LAST BUT NOW LEAST, the Nkosi girl has presence and all these factors make a fun super hero, proudly made in Africa.

As a watched the Black Panther trailer, I noticed gorgeous fashion worn by the ladies of Wakanda and I immediately likened it to Khosi Nkosi latest offering featuring bright coloured garments, gorgeous silhouettes with lines and prints fit only for a super hero. The Wakanda tribe and the Black Panther style represent African values and culture and it’s a great pleasure to introduce to you our designer to know of the week, non-other than KHOSI Nkosi.

Why we love Khosi Nkosi

The silhouettes chosen for this particular collection are simple and everyday kind of shapes for the modern woman. There is nothing out of this world, just simple talent.  The colours are rich and the patterns are bold and its honestly that combination that makes Khosi Nkosi stand out from the rest.

What is Khosi Nkosi’s Super Power?

The ability to present a fashion show that doesn’t only consist of super models but real, normal people with ass, curves and titties is refreshing.  Seeing KhosiNkosi Models consists of celebrities like Bonnie Mbuli,  Khanya Mkangiza and Olwethu Leshabane creates a perfect visual. This type of runway combination has been done before thou in the Dolce and Gabbbana latest collection but borrowing an idea and filling it with courageous African women is the way to go.



See the rest of the Collection HERE . Pictures provided by  African Fashion International SA 

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  1. Oh I agree! The runway should always be filled with real looking women in my opinion!

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