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We took these images in Hatfield, Pretoria. We are currently busy with a secret project of which you will all be informed in due time. In the meantime, after the first scene, the second scene required a much sexier look and me being me, I opted for blue denim shorts white t-shirt and Timberlands. I thought the crew would be waiting for me downstairs after I changed into the denim shorts white t-shirt and Timberlands but nope, I had to walk alone inform on tons of people.

In their defense, they thought I was going to change into a dress. Lol lo and behold… So, you see a girl like me with my thick thighs that save lives, gets easily noticed in a public area. So, walking discreetly is always a must. Wearing denim shorts white t-shirt and Timberlands gave me a certain kind of confidence. Wearing what makes you comfortable makes you confident. Showing a little bit of skin makes you feel sexy. Its amazing what good items of clothing can do for your self-esteem and ego. If you got a big ego, back it up.

Dreams coming true: When I think of dreams, I have a love hate relationship with them. Sometimes I wake from night terrors and I am often not even aware of what I was dreaming about or running away from. But then there are those beautiful dreams where you finally become what you have been dreaming about All these years.

Sometimes we can’t reach our goals and live out our dreams not because we don’t want to but because of the situation at hand. For most of us living in South Africa, unemployment is at such a high, how do you even think about going to pursue a career in any field that isn’t ‘needed’ in south Africa, like art? Most creatives don’t usually follow ‘artistic’ dreams because ‘they don’t pay’.

Others can pursue ‘artistic’ dreams because they have the luxury of having parents to back them or they have an inheritance that can fuel their ‘art’. Some people are lucky, some are not. And let this not be something to discourage you. I’m saying what I’m saying because we live in a country that doesn’t give us too many options on career paths and choices. So, we usually choose the career that gives us money, more than the career that would have made us happy.

A s long as I can remember, being a fashion designer, blogger, writer etc. was far from my head. I never thought I could pursue a career in art and it give me money. So I chose to start at corporate. To be fair, working in corporate has a whole lot more ‘easy’ money involved that ‘fending’ for yourself every day as an entrepreneur, working hard to produce ‘art’ that someone might or might not like.

Anyway. I’m thankful I have a career in corporate witch in-turn fuels my hobbies, passions and art. I don’t make as much money as I thought I would be making on this blogging platform but I’m getting to where I need to be, one day at a time. IT WILL HAPPEN. My dreams are worth something if I work hard enough.

To you all following and pursuing your dreams, I say cheers to you, your time will come to blow up and be great. Your time is not our time, the only time that matters is Gods time. Don’t beat yourself up because you must look after grannies, parents, sisters etc. as the bread winner and you cant fuel your passions for now; your time will come.

That being said.
1. Top: Mr Price
2. Shorts: Zara
3. Shoes: Timberlands (Shop Black Pair Here)

Be strong and hold on to your dreams.

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