high fashion tutorial dramatic blue eye shadow palette

Creating dramatic Blue Eyes using WBeauty Blue eye shadow palette

I had the wonderful opportunity of being gifted the WBeauty blue eye shadow palette. But because the blue eye shadow palette is so small, i didn’t give it a chance. I just put it at the back of the ‘pile’ until recently. So when i did finally decide to try it on, i was shocked. Indeed, dynamite comes in small packages. The WBeauty Blue eye shadow palette is AMAZING. I say that it is amazing because i have tried on a couple of high end Eye shadow palettes but this one really did a number on me. Creating this dramatic Blue eye shadow look was so much fun.

It’s not easy pulling of a dramatic blue eye shadow look, especially if you are used to just looking glam and not taking any chances with colour and makeup.To be honest the WBeauty blue eye shadow palette can be used to create more subtle looks. You don;t necessarily have to create a dramatic blue Eye shadow look. The colours in the WBeauty blue eye shadow palette are neutral and have dark and light shimmery tones.

The W Beauty Blue eye shadow palette consists of nine colours and this cube of nine is stacked in away to assist you to navigate in adding which colours where and which colours compliment each other. Some of my favourite shades in the Woolworths Beauty Blue eye shadow palette are the black and gold. I love using the black cause it works well with almost any smokey eye look. And , i love the gold because gold is very diverse. Depending on your mood, Gold switch up to a high lighter, assist with the blush and as eye lid decoration colour or use it for the cut crease, as i have used it on these images.

Applying eye shadow can be daunting, and not everyone is as bold with colours i might be and, that is why i will use the WBeauty Blue eye shadow palette again in the near future to a create more down to earth, every day wear type of video.

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