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Dragons Dogma is tragically disappointing

Dragons Dogma is tragically disappointing.

I am a huge fan of Animated series! They are easy to consume and most of them are funny! I also love watching Manga animations like Seven Deadly Sins, Beastars, Vampire Night and Akame ga Kill. While the above mentioned (Vampire Night and Akame ga Kill) usually end in tragedies, the worst Manga I have watched to date MUST be Dragons Dogma! Dragon’s Dogma is so tragic it is painful to watch! I hated the ending so much that I will insist you NOT Watch it if you are into happy endings! This series might NOT BE FOR YOU!

Dragons Dogma Plot

The series starts with an amazing intro and sets the episode to a great start after the death of his wife and child! You see, already the series is tragic! But I kept watching to see how far Ethan will go to get vengeance for his wife and Child!

Ethan’s wife and child get killed by the dragon. But the dragon sees how much hate Ethan has for the beast, so the Dragon decides to kill Ethan as well and eat his heart! In death Ethan sees his wife in a dream warning him to not be consumed by rage!  But does he listen?

Once his heart had been consumed by the dragon, a PAWN was sent to wake Ethan up from the dead and protect him on his quest to slay the dragon! Ethen then gives the PAWN a name, Hanna! And off they go to find and kill the dragon.

The Missing Heart!

The missing heart is an indication that Ethan is dead, not alive. Now sparks the question, why has he been brought back to life? Through the episodes you realize that the Ethan on this quest for vengeance is not the same Ethan at all but, something else. And the last episode explains why the ARISEN (ETHAN), who does not have a heart, was resurrected!

7 Episodes Explain the Seven Deadly Sins!

Originating in Christian theology, the seven deadly sins are pride, envy, gluttony, greed, lust, sloth, and wrath. Pride is sometimes referred to as vanity or vainglory, greed as avarice or covetousness, and wrath as anger. Gluttony covers self-indulgent excess more generally, including drunkenness.

Dragons Dogma is a Classic tale of revenge and losing oneself to grief. Throughout Ethan and Hanna’s journey to slay the dragon that ravaged his village, they encounter groups of people, living in villages, that need saving. Unfortunately, these same people, after having been saved, give in to cardinal sins.

As Ethan and Hanna journey from village to village Ethan continues to hear the call of the dragon, louder and louder, as they draw closer to the Dragons lair.

The Call of the dragon

The Dragons voice has been in Ethan’s ear ever since he woke up from losing his heart, calling him to come find him. And so, when the last sin of pride overcomes Ethan, he becomes what he was set out to kill. And that is when you realize that.

  1. Ethan died when the Dragon first ate his heart.
  2. The PAWNs only job was to protect Ethan until he was done with his ‘little project’.
  3. His path was already set (predestined)
  4. Watching Dragons Dogmas was a waste of time!


The Storyline can be as captivating as it wants but there’s nothing that can save this animation. 3DCG is something that many anime studios struggle to use today, to the point where any CG anime has an air of cheapness surrounding it. At best, Dragon’s Dogma looks mediocre. At worst, it looks worse than the movie Beowulf, released in 2007!

While humans look generally fine outside of some movements that make them look like Looney Tunes characters, A PlayStation 2 game would look better than the animation in Dragon’s Dogma because the special effects are really that horrible.

Ethan’s hair hardly moves, his movements are slow, his facial expressions bland. Its hard to feel any kind of passion or sympathy for Ethan because its almost impossible to decipher them! I was so disappointed with Dragons Dogma but, what did I expect from a show that is loosely translated to a dragon’s set of principles.


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