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Ok, I’m not going to try to sound all-knowing nor too intelligent when it comes to the Dpiper twins. In all honesty they are just everywhere on social media, magazines and in spaces where words like African prints, African-American fashion models and young fashion are related.  Dpiper twins were first introduced to via South African ELLE Magazine sometime last year where they were covering twins in fashion. The article included some huge names like the South African European Lebajoe Twins and some significant others. The Dipper Twins have an energetic DPIPER TWINS WINTER FASHION LOOK BOOK which you can check out BELOW. It’s amazing, I promise you.

Now, these girls got skillz!!! Born to a Caribbean mom and dad who is African, the Dpiper Twins embrace their heritage and display their roots in every collection through a bold and vibrant youthful mix of colorful African creations. They were born in New York but raised in Ghana and later came back to the United States to pursue their dreams. They graduated from The High School of Fashion Industries as well as the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology with their bachelor’s degree.

These girls got swag: Those who know them know that they have a love for soft, cozy fashionable graphic tees! They look hot in almost everything. Sometimes African girls can feel a bit weird wearing traditional African attire, especially if you have grown up your entire life in a western community with little exposure to African traditions and African wear. To those that suffer a similar syndrome, Dpiper Twins Winter fashion look book brings a modern yet still remaining traditional type of look. It’s amazing how the Dipper twins winter fashion is able to merge these contrasting styles together.

So you know me and my phobia of hiding my legs LOL… The short skirts, (yes, I know its winter, but short skirts can still be worn with leggings, tights etc.. guys keep calm)  the cute tees, the slick body con dresses, the vibrant colors are sure to keep the winter blues away. Someone once said that the colors you wear can to a large extent determine your mood or show your mood to others, so this winter I pledge to wear a little bit more color. This has been inspiration enough.

Thanks Dpiper Twins.

If you want to check out more of their collections, Click HERE



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