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Introducing new Dove DermaSpa

I received a HUGE Dove Press pack in the morning, I was pleasantly  surprised because was expecting another delivery of something different so when this arrived, I was elated. The Dove package has twelve items in it but because I had already planned to do a Fashion shoot I decided to use the Derma Spa Goodness Silky Body oil as a feature and will later do first impressions of the entire Dove DermaSpa and all the other new Dove Products in a Video, soon. hopefully.

So my first impressions of Dove DermaSpa Goodness  Silky Body oil  are as follows:

  1. The Liquid is golden, almost like a body wash but oily.
  2. When you spread it on your skin, it almost feels like a tan, it moisturizes but also illuminates.
  3. Its none greasy, but spreads very evenly.
  4. It has a slight golden brown shimmer perfect for light as well as dark skin
  5. It smells good. Almost smells a bit sweet but not childish.

I put on the Dove DermaSpa Goodness Silky body oil on my legs in these images and the product made my legs look photo ready and smooth. Its also very important to not only moisturize the face during winter but to moisturize EVERYHING so Dove Derma Spa Goodness Silky Body oil  is the ONE!!!

Working with leading skin and beauty experts from around the world, Dove has created the brand’s most scientifically-advanced body care products, Dove DermaSpa Hand and Body range. Dove DermaSpa fuses dermatological expertise with luxurious spa experiences to help women savour precious moments of ‘me-time’.

Through this innovative collection, Dove DermaSpa seeks to transform women’s body care routines into a meaningful and pleasurable ritual. Dove believes the best skin care comes from dermatological expertise and the most pleasurable experiences come from spa treatments. As a result, Dove has created the Dove DermaSpa range with input from a global panel of skin care and beauty experts. Dove’s panel of experts are among the most highly sought after within their fields and includes leading dermatologists, spa consultants and beauty bloggers.

The Dove DermaSpa range is dermatologically tested, suitable for sensitive skin and is a sumptuous treat for body skin. By transferring premium face moisturising technology to body care, the Cell-Moisturisers in the Dove DermaSpa range are one of the most advanced innovations Dove has introduced in a body care range. Cell-Moisturisers™ is a new technology that will deliver beauty benefits such as a more even looking skin tone, younger looking skin and moisturisation to help strengthen and protect the body’s natural skin barrier**, which leading dermatologists agree, is the most important requirement in a daily skin care product.

Cell-Moisturisers is a complex comprised of key moisturising actives compressed from natural seed oils such as sea buckthorn oil. They work at the heart of skin cells, leaving them full of moisture**.

With DermaSpa, Dove launches a premium range to deliver the best of both worlds – a pleasurable experience of superior care by combining dermatological care and spa experience. Dove DermaSpa will empower South African women to have a pleasurable and mindful relationship with the beauty of their bodies and skin.

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