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Ever met an awesome guy… great looking smile, tall, handsome, the works!!! Literally perfect, all that you had been waiting for and the best part is that he likes you just as much or even more and after asking each other  crucial questions LOL not gold digging questions no, questions like…

Are you single?

Who do you live with?

Do you have any kids?

Where do you live etc.

You hope he’s honest….

Finally you conclude he’s the one. And slowly, somehow, deep within, fire starts to burn and you get renewed strength and give relationships another try

He comes to visit you one day, you guys chill. He takes you out the next day and you guys have a blast. Then you guys plan to meet over the weekend but he calls you and tells you he’s got flu and can’t make it on Friday. You get pissed because you wondering how the hell does a flu stop someone from coming to visit you? But you don’t want to appear insensitive so you send a text for him to get well soon. And you go to bed.

The following day he says he will call in the morning but calls in the afternoon, says he had a lot of work to do and only got a chance to call you in the afternoon. You a bit annoyed because he has all of a sudden become unreliable. Men should be reliable right? Say what they mean and do what they say.

You ‘forgive him’ but deep down you start thinking of cutting your losses because you think he doesn’t like you that much, first the fake excuses then the job excuse and you don’t want to get hurt again.

But I would like you to stop. Stop before you block him and hear me out.

  1. Someone told me that love, true love, takes time. You can’t expect a man who has known you for only about 2 weeks to all of a sudden commit to a relationship. If he’s looking for more than ass… he won’t rush. So cut the man a break. And while we are on this issue… why would you want to rush into the arms of a man you hardly know anyway? (Ever heard of serial killers, lol ok guys… I’m just playing ). It might or might not work so until you guys both agree to commit, you can date whomever you want and go on as many different dates as you please, without being intimate of course but Don’t limit yourself until you know what you are working with.
  2. People have jobs, we all have to work. Only after you’ve spent time with him and know his work load or schedule can you make judgments about the ‘work excuses’. Just get to know him a little better before catching feelings thou.
  3. Maybe he’s taking the time away from you so that he can break it off with his sex buddy, or cut ties with an ex, or current or just get his affairs in order -no pun intended. LOL. Whatever the reason don’t jump into conclusions.
  4. He might also be scared; he sees a perfect woman in you but maybe the last chick really ran a number on him, and like you, is also assessing the situation. And if he is not sure and he decides early that you are not for him, at least he saving you the trouble of breaking your heart later.
  5. Loneliness while you are waiting should not be an issue. Date but don’t get intimate, go out with your girls, enjoy yourself and have the time of your life.  And even if you think that he is /was the perfect man, skawara, another one just like him is around the corner and if the current doesn’t recognize your greatness, it’s his loss.

On a more serious note: women try to rush relationships as they get older because they think they are either getting too old or their eggs are aging. Most men don’t rush because they live in the moment, they know that women are galore and because of that knowledge they don’t necessarily’ worry’ about the future.

If only you could see yourself the way I see you. You are bright, you are confident, you are beautiful! And any man would be lucky to have you. And men are galore… don’t let them fool you.

Don’t rush into new relationships, and try not to pre judge. These things take time but in the meantime, live your life and be very good at it.


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  1. Hi Belicious. Thank you for this! I expect a guy to fall inlove with me immediately and don’t understand when he’s being slow. This gives a new perspective. Thank you

    1. I’m glad I could help love 🙂

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