Times have changed and time is still changing.  More and more fashion houses are becoming open to diversity in terms of their models and who represents their clothes.  Dolce and Gabbana is part of the change. And we salute them. Dolce Gabbana used real women of different races to present to us their Autumn Winter collection of 2016/17. What a great time to be alive.  I was looking for some winter inspiration for the next couple of weeks till winter ends and I stumbled on this website.  I was blown away by the beautiful aesthetic showcased.

The good thing about living in different seasons compared to other countries that are now in summer is that we get to be inspired by what is not yet in stores. So what’s set for next season in other states is the Green leaf print on a white background. Splashed on one third of Dolce Gabbana winter collection. The green and white for the coldest season of the year is amazing. Its amazing because most winter collections from different designers usually only have black, blue or burgundy.

In general, green leaves depict hope, renewal, and revival.  Leaves are symbolic of fertility and growth and who wouldn’t want to wear that on their body? Seems like Dolce Gabbana are trying to take us back to Eden, where all life began, with a woman. #YesISaidIt

But, think about it, wouldn’t it be nice if not everything you wore in winter was dark and mysterious? There are so many ways to keep the empowered and hopeful woman inside you alive while being warm in these cold months. without resorting to black. These images might not look warm right now but pair them with warm leggings that are 100% cotton does wonders.

I love being a woman… I’ve many reasons why. The obvious is that my femininity isn’t going anywhere and one of the other reasons is that I get to wear whatever I like. I get to be adorned in pretty flowers now in the form of attractive green leaves on a white canvas.

It’s not hard to keep warm in winter and still keep the sensuality that people look at when they see a gorgeous woman walking in summer. Many girls think that it’s very hard to bundle up and still look sexy, but it’s easy. #PieceACake.  Sexiness is not only about skin; sexiness is how you walk, how you talk and how you carry yourself.  I know… sexiness can be confused with confidence. But who cares???!!!

With a little bit of effort and some original ideas, you can get a fabulous winter look that can be as feminine and cool as your irresistible summer one. Above ankle-length skirts and dresses work best in the winter. But so do short ones, with the right pair of leg warmers. Invest in a nice feminine and long lasting mid-thigh to mid-calf pea coat. Carefully choose the boots that will match your entire womanlike look. Wear Socks with Pumps/ Heels, as Chic shoes look even more stylish paired with socks. Coarse or luxuriously lacy.

Wear warm durable and strong winter accessories. Scarves, hats and gloves are a must. These items will not only protect but will also add a plus of charm.

Dolce Gabbana empowering women is all I see in these images and what a better place to find inspiration than one of the world’s biggest fashion brands, incorporating diversity. Check out more Here

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