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I was afraid, had never done this before. The last interview I did of a celebrity was of Lady Zamar which was a bit simpler because Lady Zamar is my sister. But this interview was a bit different. I was interviewing one of the hottest men in South Africa.
I didn’t know what to expect, I didn’t know how I was going to react but I most definitely didn’t want to make a fool out of myself and the team so we prepared, thoroughly for the day to the simple basics of my wardrobe. Distressed jeans with a simple TEE.

Gautrain Rosebank

Rosebank Gautrain station is next to the mall so we decided to use the Gautrain instead of driving which would save us a lot of time and reduce the traffic that would have made us late.

I was nervous and my team could see it. Gosh, I hate being told. I’m usually the one who tells everyone else to calm down but, not on this day. We waited patiently for the train to arrive and then got in.


We sat on the three seated chairs and as I looked to my right I saw a glimpse of a older  white woman, below age 40, smiling at me. She looked so calm, so relaxed. I smiled back but with a nervous smile and semi grin.

I asked Siyabonga if I looked alright. I think he was a bit annoyed that I had asked him that question a couple of times that morning, before and after we got on the train so he did the unthinkable.

Distressed Jeans on the train

He GREETED THE WHITE LADY SITTING NEXT TO US ON THE OTHER SIDE and asked her if she thinks I looked alright. I was shocked at what had just happened and tried to hide. (But where does one hide in the Gautrain) She asked us were we are going, we explained, and then she did something I wasn’t expecting. She gave me the low down on my appearance.

‘She looks very pretty, her smile is warming, her makeup is done well and what she’s wearing is different but I guess it’s what you young people wear this days, I’m sure she will stand out. She’s standing out right now. I have not seen anyone this morning dressed like that. Your interview will be fine; you have nothing to worry about. (While talking to Siyabonga)

Our Neighbour on the train

The whole time she was talking, all I’m thinking is, how could Siyabonga do that? I wanted to die. But I realized I needed to hear that. She had a calming effect on me and for the rest of the day I didn’t second guess myself in the interview or with my appearance. And that little boost of confidence made people take a little more notice. (Turns out she’s a PR Manager for a hotel somewhere in Sandton)

Rosebank Distressed Jeans fashion shoot

Once we were done with the interview we walked about Rosebank looking for places to take pictures for this post. We found a perfect cozy spot at the Zone. We took a couple of pictures, then other people wanted to take pictures of my outfit as well and being the fashion blogger that I am, I’m always eager to share what I’m wearing. This day taught me that a little confidence boost from a total stranger can go a very long way.


Images provided by Siyabonga for www.beliciousmuse.com and Marks Makhado for www.writtendigital.co.za (amazing photography)

Shoes: Truffle (Available at ASOS, ShoeBou and Office)

Jeans: Ghetto Link

Top: Similar Ones at ASOS

Blazer: New Look

Accessories: Lovisa and a mix

Bag: TK Maxx

Plaid Shirt: Mr. Price

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