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Distraction Love Swept

When I think of Distraction, I think of Bonang Matheba. When I think of Love Swept, Bonang Matheba immediately comes to mind, as well. Bonang for Distraction is an underwear/ lingerie line of which Bonang is the face of! Nowadays there is not one person, who knows the Distraction lingerie line that does not associate it with Bonang Matheba. So, when I saw the Distraction Love Swept Perfume, I naturally thought of Bonang! The flip side though, is that Bonang is not the face of Love Swept. Which is a bummer! Because I support anything Bonang Matheba related! Regardless of whether Bonang Matheba is the Face of Distraction Love Swept or not, I love the Fragrance!

Distraction Love Swept

Distraction Love Swept is an irresistibly sensual and feminine fragrance with the warm heart of rose and delicate white flowers. The Scent is soft and feminine. Playful yet mature! Love Swept is a very lively, romantic perfume, perfectly created to make a woman feel a never-ending euphoric desirability. This soft floral fragrance exudes energy and leaves one with a soft embrace of love. It is a pretty and powerfully intoxicating yet laid-back perfume that can inspire the wearer to live each day with passion

Eau de Perfum vs Eau de Toilet

Distraction is an Eau De Toilet! Eau De Toilets are relatively light perfumes, a unique version of a perfume that contains a lower percentage of fragrant essential oils than eau de parfum. Whether you choose eau de toilette or eau de parfum, you will want to ensure that your ‘scented waters or oils’ last as long as possible.

When some people think of Distraction, they think of older woman only because it is not as Strong as other perfumes on the market.  Sometimes strong and intoxicating is not what we want all the time! Imagine getting into someone’s car or taxi to go to work in the morning and they must open windows because you literally poured out the entire contents of the perfumed bottle on your body! LOL #NotCool

Young at heart perfume Softness and Tones

The Distraction Love Swept Perfume is for the young at heart! However, Distraction Love Swept is a soft crisp and floral fragrance which smells like a beautiful, mutually-interested-in-each-other kind of budding romance. The only downside is that since it is not a parfum (oil based) Love Swept softly settles and may not seem to last as long. I re-spray because my nose adapts to it quickly but some people re-spray because it Simply does not last too long. If you want to try something light, floral and affordable, try Love Swept. You can order it at Woolies online HERE

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