black mermaid dress

The Black Mermaid dress perfection

I love dresses, especially the cute, tight dresses that ‘hug me the right way’. I love long tight dresses and i love short tight dresses AND, I love the black fishtail dress for all occasions. I am especially fond of the more classic look when it comes to everyday wear. I am not too fond of too many colours in one item, but i appreciate soft, feminine and whimsical wear like the makeshift joburg fashion blogger that i am, when it is necessary, like this black Mermaid dress.

Where to wear the black Mermaid dress

I enjoy wearing mermaid dresses, but to special occasions. Wearing a mermaid shaped dress is not easy to pull off on just any day, it takes one who is daring and not afraid of fashion and style to do it. I usually wear this type of dress in Winter because it looks great with a throw over black jacket. If i wear this black mermaid dress in summer, its usually to an office cocktail party where one has to look nice but not show too much skin. It works perfectly.

Another place you can wear this black fishtail dress is at a funeral. I decided a long time ago that i would invest in clothing appropriate to different occasions because, i woke up one day to go to a dear friends funeral but i had nothing black to wear. I unfortunately had to wear a different colour. It felt disrespectful. I vowed never to do it. Black dresses in general are usually worn to parties and events and, most of them are short and sexy. So, investing in one or two fashion items for specific occasions can save you from possible future embarrassment.

Mermaid dresses and body shape types

A Mermaid dress, as the name suggests, is a dress that makes one look like a mermaid; the curvy body with the fish tail. Mermaid dresses suit most women’s body types but they especially accentuate a curvy woman’s body. If you are leaner, or a little more straighter in the body type department, the mermaid dress gives the illusion of curves. And if that is what a girl wants, a girl will get.

I wasn’t always a curvy girl, as you can see from THESE THROW BACK PICTURES. And i retell the story , happily. Disclaimer: i’m not talking about gaining weight, i’m talking about gaining hips and curves. I was very skinny growing up and i longed to be like my sexier clones, aka my friends. I call us clones of each other because we look similar. Well, in the past, the only difference between my friends and i was hip size. Lol i hated being the only one with ‘just’ the big bum and no curves. It drove me up the wall.

Feeding the Curves

When i look back i can appreciate growth and the glow up. I appreciate that good things come to those who either wait, or those who go out and work for them. I worked for my curves when i started eating chicken LOL. You see, i was a late bloomer, but my lateness was partially caused by my vegan, vegetarian diet. Anyway, when the curves came in, i was ecstatic, Finally, i looked just like them (my friends).

Wearing Mermaid a dress or a black mermaid dress, as i said earlier, will always make a curvy girl look even curvier. But, mermaid dresses are designed in such a way that regardless of your body type or body shape, a mermaid dress will give you that beautiful illusion of the perfect curves.

Roof top Fashion shoots for a joburg fashion blogger

Finding a roof top gem in the city where you are allowed to take pictures at for free is almost close to impossible. Taking pictures at malls is even harder because as soon the security guard sees your camera, they run to stop you from taking pictures, for privacy reasons. So, since we are not hear to ‘expose’ cheating husbands and wives in the mall, we started scouting for different location and an entrance to the rooftop was found.

I’m a Pretoria Fashion Blogger, but i’m also a Joburg fashion blogger. Living in Joburg is awesome, especially for cool locations to shoot at. We eventually found this location at a mall and thank God it was empty so we could work. From the looks of it, this diamond of a location is occupied, mostly during the week when people are back at work. One thing i didn’t like about this location was how hot it was. I took my shoes off for 1 second to rest my feet and it felt as if i had been thrown down into hell on earth. But other than that, this roof top is gorgeous and this Black Mermaid dress even more gorgeous in the Sun.

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