Paris fashion week, is an event held bi-annually every year In Paris, France. It kicked off during the first week of July and its breath  breathtaking. The fact that South Africa is experiencing winter right now while Paris Fashion week is in full swing is remarkable. This simply means that South Africans can look forward to WINTER FASHION INSPIRATIONS with Paris trends in mind. So if you still going to do some last minute winter shopping, now is the time.

WINTER FASHION INSPIRATIONS and looks are different all over the world and some countries hardly experience winter. Making their winter fashion none heavy duty. Paris on the other hand is a lot colder with temperate sometimes dropping to their one digits. But they still produce autumn winter collections with light fabrics and make their models wear sandals. Why?

Well, if you have never been to a European country this might puzzle you. For those that frequent outside the South African borders and across continents you might understand. When I visited Europe for the first time the dresses sold in shops weren’t made of thick materials. The fabrics were more durable and strong, yes, but not thick. The dresses were not made, entirely, to keep a person warm. That was the coats job. Another beauty about cold countries is that most houses have internal heating. Some have floor heating, some have wall heating. When invited to a dinner party, the aim is to dress to kill, not dress to be warm. But grab a coat, you can take it off once you’ve reached your final destination.

Outstanding Jackets and coats, like the ones from Burberry are the heat keepers. The French do not have to design dresses to survive winter. The aesthetics are appealing and to large extent and all that matters. When you get cold you can grab a coat.

Dior produced a unique fashion show in Paris this year. The theme was monochrome; all black and white with touches of prints. We should thank the gods that DIOR at least used black and extended the sleeves. Love the elegant and poised black dresss, the Shoulder-less one and the warm looking polo neck one. Love the white two-piece on the right as well. Dior got it right this time. The white jacket has a strong masculine feel with a lady like finish on the print.

A darker color keeps in heat better than white. So it makes perfect sense for the tops to be all black with white bottoms. These looks do not need a coat and they are perfect for autumn. My only takeaway would be… Wear the black tops with brighter bottoms like fuchsia, orange or green. That way you get to keep the theme of light and darkness

The cream white and all white looks are honestly just fashion statements. I hardly see people wear white in winter but when they do, it’s a sight to behold. White is fresh and much needed. You can be cheered up by looking at bright colors.

The Warp around sweater/ jersey thing this model is wearing is GIVING ME all sorts of LIFE!!! This piece should be part of our WINTER FASHION INSPIRATIONS. The whole idea of pushing WINTER FASHION INSPIRATIONS like these ones in Paris fashion week is crazy. I can’t even comprehend. This sling sweater/ accessory etc. is By far one of the best WINTER FASHION INSPIRATIONS ever created by Dior. #WERK!!!!!!

All images courtesy of DIOR and XOXO.


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