dinner at cappuccinos wonderboom sout

Dinner at Cappuccinos Restaurant Wonderboom South

Cappuccinos is an Italian Restaurant Born in Italy and raised in South Africa. Cappuccinos currently has seventeen successful Cappuccinos stores operating across South Africa and one in Botswana. From all the 17 restaurants, we can only talk about the restaurants we frequent, which are In Tshwane, Pretoria: Cappuccinos Menlyn and Wonder-boom South.

The diverse menu is a testament of time-honoured family recipes and current foodie trends made with the finest quality ingredients that through trial-and-error ensure that the Cappuccinos offering remains fresh and exciting.

Italian Mondays are awesome because you only pay R69.00 for any Pizza, Pasta and Stromboli. On South African Tuesday, yo only pay R105.00 for selected flame grills.served with a side of your choice.

The cappuccinos Restaurant ambiance is soothing. The atmosphere sets the stage for a cool and quiet, palatable, fun filled night. Cappuccinos is about more than just a dining room away from home, They make you feel right at home. Food served at Cappuccinos takes the spotlight as we become its audience. There is soft music lingering in the air, sort of like jazz but with a bit of soul. The lighting is perfect, serene and calm with hints of red and gold here and there. The art work reminds us that even though we are in an Italian Restaurant, we are still in South Africa.

I sit on one of the booths outside with my friend. Its late, around 8:30 pm. I decided to go get something to snack on and a little Rooibos tea, just before bed. It’s a bit chilly, slightly cold, so i’m wearing a pink warm, fuzzy jumpsuit to keep the cold out. From where I am sitting, I can see the busy cross road from a far. But its quiet in the restaurant as it will be closing in 30 minutes. We quickly order and wait for our drinks and food to arrive.

I’ve ordered 2 pots of Rooibos tea and a small Greek salad. My friend asked me why didn’t I just boil water at home and drink tea there. I reply, ‘ Tea tastes different, more sweet, when drank at Cappuccinos’.

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