erre 4th birthday. Pretoria fashion designers


Who are Erre Fashion
ERRE (pronounced “air) proposes a new type of power-dressing that celebrates the confident side of being feminine rather than mimicking its Eighties version of shoulder pads and overtly masculine tailoring. The ERRE woman is a style-savvy and sophisticated career woman, who needs a flexible wardrobe that effortlessly meets the needs of her multifaceted lifestyle, by giving her a high-end range of powerful and exquisitely constructed garments. The Erre fashion brand is a compliment between Natasha’s in-depth understanding of bridal and eveningwear and Carina’s experience in tailoring and menswear.

Why do we love them?
The Erre woman is a different yet powerful kind of woman. Describing the Erre woman, words like dynamic, capable, functional, influential, skilled, effective and endowed come to mind. If you see yourself as a powerful woman, the Erre fashion brand is the brand to wear. We also love that they don’t use too many colors and that their primary colour is black for most collections and whites and lighter fabrics for the lighter warmer months. But black is always there regardless of the season, day, month, come rain, sun or snow. One more thing we love about Erre fashion is that they have affordable and high end clothing. So if you are not working and can’t afford ‘designer ‘ clothes you can still wear designer clothes on the lower end of the Erre spectrum but if you really want splurge and get good quality long lasting exclusive garments, that’s also possible.

What is their super power?
Erre fashion designers have a super power that’s otherwise known as a magnet. Erre fashion attracts all kind s of awesome women. A Great example is when Erre fashion celebrated their 4th birthday, it was epic. People traveled far to shop at their 75 percent off birthday sale. The Erre fashion brand is based in Pretoria but women all over the country travelled to Pretoria to be dressed by Erre fashion. It’s a well sought out brand. The designers are great to work with and the prices are accessible. View more HERE

Below are pictures from the ERRE BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION. Which was 75%Off. 🙂 Thanks for the campaign, the strawberries and the beautiful clothes.

I wasn’t wearing Erre but i have a couple of purchases 🙂

I came to slay but i also came to work. Lol Lucky me 🙂

Came with Linda my friend and sister and eerthing.

We had a good time.

The End

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