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Dentyl Mouthwash Review

Fresh breath by Dentyl Mouthwash

I received this press pack a couple of weeks ago. At the time, i was already using a different mouthwash and wanted to give it a fair try before switching over to the new one; The Dentyl Mouthwash. So, for this Dentyl Mouthwash review, i have really gone all the way in trying it out and testing it on and with different people.

My sisters and i used to ask each other if our breaths smelled bad all the time. Sometimes when they asked me about the freshness of their breaths they wouldn’t even wait for a response. The would just quickly breath into my nose lol and i would either faint from the halitosis or be pleasantly surprised by the fresh breath. Lol we were young,

We hated smelling bad from a very young age. We are the kind of family that is very vocal, so we speak a lot and we are also very friendly so we would hug people frequently or people would hug US, especially when we went to church. So having bad breath was not an option.

Dentyl mouthwash to Kiss and Tell

Ok, so lets get into this Dentyl Mouthwash review. Using Mouthwash, regardless of whether it has alcohol or not, is good practice. But, it is especially a very great practice when you use mouthwash if you sleep next to someone, frequently.

Lol by sleeping next to someone i don’t man just a sexual relationship. I mean, i have friends over and we sleep in my bed, even if someone is sleeping in the living-room or another part of the house, using mouthwash makes it possible to talk to people in the morning, without having to rush to the bathroom to brush your teeth first.

But the best type of Mouthwash is the mouthwash you can use when sleeping next to your partner. The Dentyl Mouthwash HONESTLY cleans your mouth of most bad bacteria especially the bad breath smelling bacteria. So, if you use the Dentyl Mouthwash before bed, rest assured and sleep easy, because ‘fun-times’ can happen in the morning and you wont be 2 seconds away from barfing while your partner is kissing you because of your partners morning breath. lol

Why try Dentyl Mouthwash

No one is paying me to Review this Dentyl Mouthwash. Yes, i received the package but my review is as sincere as the effect of this mouthwash in the mouth.

Dentyl Dual Action has 2 phases, Phase ONE Fights plaque and Phase TWO Freshens breath. The one i am using is the Icy Mint Alcohol free mouthwash with advanced dual action formula that helps to remove oral germs for long lasting breath.

Dentyl Mouthwash is R89,00 @Clicks and R79,95 at Dischem. Not sure why there is a price disparity but maybe its cause of Club Card Memberships or sales. Regardless of where you find it, please purchase for a fresher smelling mouth or purchase it to try something new. For more info visit



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  1. I believe fresh breath always rock no matter what. Reading this article, I had a new perspective and definitely some hints. Thanks, Amigo!

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