Dead places netflix series review
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Dead Places Series Review: Episode 5 and Ending explained

It’s been a while since we have posted a movie, or a series review here on the blog. I try not to post or review a movie or series just because a new flick is out. If that was the case, we would only be posting reviews here and that is not what this blog is about. I like to post when I am inspired, and Dead Places inspired me. The Dead Places Netflix Horrors series is both literal and figurative. More than half of the series is shot in the dark and the series is about ghosts and things that come out only at night and, the ending has some of the most disturbing scenes I have ever seen on T.V regarding how evil human beings can be and their disrespect for human life and freedom.

The Series started off like a normal horror, but it ended up to look like a cheap knock off of an American Horror series towards the middle of the Pilot. I wish they would have chosen another episode to open the series, but that is just me.  Maybe you guys enjoyed the Aquarium ghost? I didn’t. In this article we will be doing a review on the Dead Places Netflix horror and talking about our worst and favourite episodes.

Dead Places: an 8 Part Netflix Supernatural

Dead Places is a Netflix Africa Original. It falls under Supernatural and Horror. I love horror movies and, because I have watched so many Horrors, there is a level of expectation when it comes to special effects, storylines, acting and look and feel. And because I have watched so many American Horror movies and TV Shows, I was honestly expecting Dead Places to have a more African Horror vibe, not horror borrowed from the States. But were my expectations met? Yes and No.  

Dead Places Episode 1 to 4 were a flop, for me.

I was about to throw-in the towel and even went to the extent of telling our Instagram followers that Dead Places was not a great series. But Dead Places is not that bad.  Episode One to Four were dry, for me.  Five was pleasantly unique.

In retrospect, Dead Places is not pure horror and if you want to watch Dead Places because you are into horror, stop, right, there.  Dead Places has it’s very dark moments, but the first few episodes are more funny than horrific. There are some emotional aspects to this Netflix Horror series, but I would not hold my breath. If you are looking for a fun, semi-horror, strong back lead series to watch with friends, and be entertained then Dead Places is for you. If you are a true horror fan, this is not it.

Watch Dead Places even if you do not like it, for support.

I cannot stress this enough. Dead Places might not be amazing, but it is well produced. Let us support our own. I found Dead Places special effects ‘unbelievable’, but you might find it interesting. I might not have enjoyed the first 4 episodes, but you might. LEAVE COMMENTS BELOW IF YOU Enjoyed It.

I am sure that you already know why I kept watching till the end, right? Ok, if I must spell it out for you; I am a huge fan of African, South African stories and I’ll watch anything home grown. Was going to let it run in the background while I did some work, but thank God for Episode 5. Episode FIVE took a right turn for the better.

Whomever wrote episode Five of Dead Places is a genius

The storyline of Episode Five is distinctive. This episode felt different. The thing that lurked in the dark was not something that I had seen before, ever, in movies and the best part about this episode was the special effects. Well done guys. Nailed it.

Episode Six of Netflix Dead Places was intense

It is unlike black people to go investigate strange things that go bump in the night but, it is nice seeing the adventurous darkie. Black people have always been portrayed as scared and bravery is not a word many people use to describe black people and their behaviour in mainstream movies. The last episodes were a breath of fresh air and brave is the word we can use to describe the troops that went to investigate the ‘water witch’ and lived to tell the tale.

Dead Places Review vs Supernatural vs Ghost Busters vs Insidious

Dead places is like the Insidious Movies. Someone encounters something supernatural, and they know who to call to help them solve the mystery. The only difference between Insidious and Dead Places is that the Ghost Busters are a team that has the cute Shamilla Miller, Rea Rangaka the South African ‘gangster’ and Anthony Oseyemi, the handsome West African ‘write’.

I felt myself sitting on the edge of my seat wanting Will (Anthony Oseyemi) to live. Episode Six had an emotional touch to it. For the first time in the series, you see the main characters Will and Kelly connecting on a deeper level.

Episode Seven had some much needed eye candy for the girls.

Island of Sin is exciting because it has our favourite actor, Pallance Dladla, topless.

Pallance Dladla enters the scene with his amazing body, and we see, for the first time in the series, sexualization of the male body.  

Episode Eight was heart-breaking

Episode 8 raises the curtain and gives us the biggest plot twist of the entire series. The Plot twist is not funny and there is nothing supernatural about it. It brings us back to reality.

The last Episode reminds me of Old Boy. What people will go to for revenge is horrific and reminds us of the harsh realities of living in South Africa. There is so much corruption and people will use you and anything they can control, to get whatever they want. Protect your children, take care of yourselves. This series was ‘entertainment’ until it became a documentary with ‘highlights’ that seem to have been borrowed from the SAW movies.

I am writing this at 2 AM. So, I might be drunk from lack of sleep.  I hope what I wrote made sense.


Dead places netflix series review
Dead places netflix series review

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