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Have you ever gone to a restaurant and ordered a huge piece of meat and you specify that you would like the meal to be well-done but it comes back smelling like blood and its medium rare? Well, that has once happened to me. Not exactly just once, it was a couple of times at different restaurants. I ordered lamb one day at a restaurant that I love and I am not going to mention which restaurant because I still love them, but… on this particular day, I was disappointed. I couldn’t eat it. The lamb was done the normal way it is usually done, but I had asked for well done. I asked for it to go back to the kitchen, fifteen minutes later, the lamb chops come back a bit darker but it still smelled raw. I then asked for a doggy bag. At my place I put it in the oven/ microwave but let me tell you… I still could not eat it, the raw meat smell was just horrible. I like eating meat but any signs of blood or signs that the animal is still alive LOL  and I just get disgusted, it’s just me. I’m saying all of this because whenever I go to Moo Moo Restaurant, I NEVER GET DISAPPOINTED.

Moo Moo  meet and wine restaurant has a new menu but, its ok because most of the items from the old are in the new menu. I ordered the full chicken from the Grill and Linda ordered a delicious stake. To more exciting news; Moo Moo Restaurant offers ‘Happy hour’ from 4.30 to 5.30pm. You can get two glasses of wine for the price of one from a list of reasonable South African whites and reds. This is excellent if you are a wine drinker but even if you are not a wine drinker, hanging out with those that drink can at times be a lot of fun. The more the merrier.

To cut what could have been a long story, short… i must say, the food was delicious from the first bite to the last. The atmosphere just perfect, the waiters are NEVER rude and did I say the food was great? Yes It was. We ate from each theirs plates, linda and I,  so we ended up taking take ways but believe me, a visit Ttothe Moo Moo meet and wine restaurant is always a good thing. The food is filling and very tasty.

Have you visited Moo Moo restaurant before? If you have… leave a comment down below and share with me your experiences and, if you have never been to Moo Moo restaurant, make sure you stop by. By the way…  I Was going to share with you Linda’s Pictures but she didn’t want to take pictures on the day. But… if you want to check her out, check her out HERE.

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