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I wore a little black dress at the last day of Fashion week Spring/Summer2016 hosted at Sandton Hyde Park corner together with Edgars, Rimmel London, Cruz vodka and other brands. Before I left my house I couldn’t really decide if I wanted to go  to Fashion Week with the more biker chic look and wear high top sneakers with the dress or wear long black heeled boots. I, as you can see, decided to wear shiny heels or as some call them, pumps. But In retrospect, what the hell is simple about these shoes thou? They are silver, shiny and nothing ordinary-no simplicity whatsoever. The jacket has a little sparkle on it and I saw it fit to add more sparkles by wearing these shoes. #Fashion #Week #Outfit #Done,

Style is about how you put fashion together. And there are absolutely no rules what’s so ever. The sooner we get to understand that style is very individualistic, the more we will stand out from a crowd that bases its existence on blending in.

You could argue and say that I’m wearing a black dress, and that there is nothing special about wearing a black dress. Id respond by saying, as long as I’m confortable in my style, it doesn’t have to bother you at all how normal my dress looks, then id flick my hair and walk away . LOL. The little black matte dress was highlighted by the shoes and the jacket and I felt like the accented neckpiece by heart and heritage together with the black and white monochrome clutch bag made the dress, the entire outfit amazing. . My opinion about my dress or outfit doesn’t have to make you happy, as long as I am happy.

Let’s face it; fashionistas that set trends are those that go against the grain. Have you ever chosen an outrageous outfit and then quickly took it off because a thought creeped in your head bout ‘what would people say’? What will their opinion about me be? Whenever you hear those words in your head but you think you look bomb, switch them off. You should not care what other people think about what you are wearing, as long as in your eyes you’re respectable, setting trends and changing the game, you need not lose sleep over.




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