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Davido Feat Chris Brown is best Collabo of 2019

Davido Feat Chris Brown is the best sound I’ve heard the entire year. It is the best collaboration of the year. Davido Feat Chris Brown Blow my mind is a song I didn’t think I needed to hear.  But now that I have heard it, I can’t stop playing it. Davido Feat Chris Brown arises from an era in which Afro American pop and R&B stars are slowly but surely embracing the Afro Beats Sound.

Wasn’t it just yesterday that the Live Action Lion King was released and with it came Beyonce : The Gift. The Lion King sound track has music that is produced by Beyonce herself. The song bird features some of the Best talent in Africa, Musically. Artists like Wiz Kid, Moonchild Sanelly, Busiswa feature on an Album some of the most talented American and European artists only dream about. The dream is Being on the same song as Beyonce Knowles Carter the Queen!!!

The Lion King Sound Track is Afro Beats from A to Z. One could almost say that because Beyonce featured African artist then its ok for everyone else to include African artists. Such an important figure in Music paves the way for future collaborations. Talking about future collaborations, Davido featuring Chris Brown is a collaboration created in Music Heaven. We all know that Chris Brown is a hard worker but Davido is also a hard worker and the pair couldn’t have been better paired.

Chris Brown singing Pidgin

There is something magical that happens when the African drum drops, the base bangs, with the vocals of true African accents and African type dances. Chris Brown is heard singing in pidgin accent. The little girl in me screamed as if i was at a Chris Brown’s concert. Hearing familiar sounds come out of an unfamiliar mouth was wow! Davido got Chris Brown to sing in Pidgin??? We salut and STAN a creative and ingenuous artist like DAVIDO.

Chris Brown is in a Davido song, featuring. Imagine Chris Brown featuring on YOUR song!!! Chris Brown is already fire and featuring on Davido’s song is sure to push Davido, who is already internationally known, to super star status.

Davido and Chris Brown are hard workers

But Davido didn’t start his music career yesterday. Davido has been making us dance with tracks like Fiya, Fall and has even featured in South African Artist Ricky Rick featuring Gemini Major in Murda. His solo track Fall was played around the world over a million times on YouTube. Chris Brown featuring on a Davido Track shouldn’t be a shock to us. Davido works hard but let’s also not forget that music is a money business. Getting Chris Brown to feature on your track doesn’t come cheap but rest assured, the money spent is worth it.

Afro Beats is predominantly a Nigerian Sound but the sound is so nice everyone around the world is adopting it. Afro Beats is dance music and with or without lyrics, afro beats will make you dance. What differentiates Chris Brown on this track and why this track is so fire is the mere fact that Chris Brown tried to sing the song in a Nigerian Accent, which is hilarious but it makes for great music. I love seeing Afro Americans connect with their roots in Africa.

Don’t allow social media to come between making money

Recently Chris Brown was in a social media scandal where he was dragged for a lyric in one of his verses on one of the new songs. In the song, he states that he doesn’t like dark skin girls with nappy hair. Ok now, what we will not do is allow anyone to bash black women because they don’t look a certain way. We will respect that Chris Brown has a preference when it comes to the type of women he likes. He should have said nothing about black girls in general.

Davido feat Chris Brown Blow my mind has a refreshing video. Its not fair to portray only a certain kind and type of woman in music videos. Its ok to see Caucasian, Asian African , Indian etc. But to constantly show a girl that is not a representation of a wider majority is a problem. The people that buy music are in the majority, women. And discriminating against any type of girl in terms of skin colour or height or structure is detrimental to anyone’s business. Music consumers are mostly females. So , the inclusion of dark skin girls, brown skin girls in the DAVIDO Feat Chris brown video is refreshing and cute. Aluta

Set looks like it was shot in Soweto

In the DAVIDO Feat Chris Brown track the visuals are of a kasi nature. They are dancing with the back drop of an eclectic Soweto spaza shop at night and it looks amazing. The video features a plethora of different SKIN toned beautiful girls. Whether this is a PR Stunt or not, DAVIDO FEAT CHRIS BROWN Blow my mind has won my heart

Watch DAVIDO feat Chris Brown Blow my Mind below and leave a comment on your thoughts on the collaboration and the visuals. Read more celebrity news HERE

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