Not all of us can wake-up flawless but all of us can leave the house looking more than flawless everyday with simple makeup tips and without the hassle of using many cosmetic products to achieve it. .  You might think that looking flawless requires a lot of face cosmetics to achieve the perfect look, but I’m here to tell you that flawless can be achieved with just six makeup products. I’m going to share with you a few tips on how to apply makeup so that the face looks a million bucks without wasting unnecessary time in the mirror.

Dark skin Makeup tip One: Make sure the foundation you are using match is your skin perfectly but if not perfectly, near perfect is also ok. When foundation matches your skin you can even leave the house without applying anything else but a translucent powder.  So invest time and money on that specific particular product.

I use the Yardley AIRBRUSH FOUNDATION in the color hazel. I used to use the Yardley STAY FAST FOUNDATION in the color chestnut but realized it looked a bit too red on my brown skin tone, was too thick. I also didn’t like that it provided a lot of coverage because my skin wasn’t even allowed to breath or peep through a bit. The airbrush range is light coverage which is perfect for me. A good foundation works with your skin and highlights it, other than just covering it up.

Dark skin Makeup Tips Three: Make sure you fill in your brows. Very important!!!  I used the Rimmel London Magnificent eyes double duty stick. My eye brows are already shaped so all I did was fill them in.

Dark skin Makeup tips Four: Make sure you use 2 different compact powders. The first powder should be a lighter one that your skin tone and this one will work as your highlighting powder. I used the lighter foundation on the cheeks, nose and forehead, under the nose and chin. I used the black opal compact powder in the color one.

The second powder, which is used for contouring is the MAC NW 46 compact powder.   The Darker powder should be a little darker than your skin tone, which works to give your face a little more definition.  The darker compact powder should be used along the jaw line, the hollows of cheeks and downwards, along the hairline and the outer parts of the face.

Dark skin Makeup tips Five: Use a lipstick that doesn’t need a lip liner and that pops. The MAC Flat out fabulous is the one used in these pictures. It’s rich in color, its stays the whole day and its matte, which sometimes means it doesn’t need to be reapplied constantly.

Makeup tips Six:  Mascara is very important with this simple but dramatic look since you are not using falsies and, not applying eye shadow either. The one used in these images is Rimmel London Scandalous Eyes. Apply on both lower and upper lashes and even if it smudges a little, it’s OK.

Love you guys!!!


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