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Being dark skin hasn’t always been glamorous. I struggled with it after leaving high school. Don’t know why because every body I met loved my skin tone. Its all in the mind? Maybe. Maybe its what we are constantly bombarded with by the media- their narrow definition of beauty. But beauty can not be boxed.

Beauty is skin deep someone told me. But what is skin deep? Does that mean its only what we see? It might be. For me, beauty is acceptance. Acceptance of what and who  you are, your heritage, your tribe, your language, your sex, your hair, your lips, your  eyes, your body, your everything.

But we cant accept ourselves if we do not know ourselves. Beauty is knowing who you are first, then accepting it.

Once you are comfortable with your everything you can properly see yourself and recognize that what’s staring back at you through the mirror is magnificently and purely beautiful, no matter what anyone else may say.

I struggled with being dark skin at one point in my life, and I didn’t want to be it no more, I even went to the extent of wanting to bleach… I bought the bleach… and stared at it. I started crying, why couldn’t  I just accept that that was me?? ? So I prayed, I asked Him to help me accept myself, I opened my eyes and with tears threw the bleach away and, So began my journey of self acceptance.

I struggled with being dark skin at one point in my life but, those days are over.


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