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He’s one of the Actors in the Love by Chance Movie,  current afro-pop musician that also gives killer stage performance and last but not least, Dark Chocolate and named one of Mzanzies sexiest 2017. This  week’s Man Crush Monday on is none other than Nicholas Nicksoul Nkuna

Beliciousmuse: Hey gooood afternoon. It’s Bea

Nicholas NickSoul Nkuna: Hey, How are you ?Just finished now. We can chat

  1. Beliciousmuse: Ok cool. How have you been? How’s your schedule, how is life?

Nicholas NickSoul Nkuna: Lota going on. Importantly music is a priority. Life is good!

Nicholas NickSoul Nkuna

  1. Beliciousmuse: That’s great to hear!! Love watching you continue to prosper. I know you have some great tracks out now, you constantly on our screens and now in movie productions, would you say you are immensely blessed with talent or its pure hard work.

Nicholas NickSoul Nkuna: Wow good question!! It’s a bit of both. I’m very blessed with so much talent but I sleep less to… Make sure I’m ready when opportunity comes. There’s no excellence at all without hard work

  1. Beliciousmuse: How was the experience of creating/ acting in Love By Chance movie different to working on TV series like skeem saam etc and everything else you have done before that?

Nicholas NickSoul Nkuna: Movies have more creative space so you have so much more room to build a character etc. craftsman comes at play. Soapies are fun but there’s little you can change or add- love by chance was a great experience ,we shot the film in Atlanta and met so many incredible American actors you’ve seen on your TV scenes e.g. Terri J Vahn  – the crew was great too. Also writing the title track “diamond” for the movie was cool.

  1. Beliciousmuse: Ok… Diamond is pretty awesome!! When I first met you we were introduced as singers and we sang for a bit in an a cappella group which didn’t materialize… I wanted to ask you which do you love more singing or acting but I realized that you are simply a great artist… so my question now changes to… do you feel like you are living your dream… doing everything you’ve ever wanted to do?

Nicholas NickSoul Nkuna: Thanks!!  Yes – for old times’ sake. It was a good group; I remember & cherish those moments. I feel like I’m blessed , music is my Life & so is Acting … I get to create , heal , build , challenge the world through these mediums . It’s funny how they both affect me the same way. They both touch me the same way – I am living my dream but I’m not comfortable, climbing towards the highest seat of my success.

  1. Beliciousmuse: Tell me a little bit more about your music. What’s poppin now and what can fans expect from you in the Future.

Nicholas NickSoul Nkuna: This is the most excited I’ve ever  been in my career – my double single has dropped all ready , get it on iTunes , amazon , tidal , google play , deezer  & more   . It’s titled ” Buya Sibongile ” . The album is dropping in August. The album is titled “Therapy” .this is basically my Therapy. From falling in love, heart break, healing & finding a way to move on .therapy is dropping in August.

Writing this album has been truly my healing process from a broken relationship And might I say – it’s such a beautiful Afro pop soul album, it shocks me too & it’s just goes to prove that Gods time is the Perfect Time.

  1. Beliciousmuse: Amen to that!!! If you were not an actor /singer what would you be doing?

Nicholas NickSoul Nkuna: Lol …I think a relationship/ marriage counselor or life coach. There’s something I love about a healing process … some people give up way too easily.

Beliciousmuse: Yeah… people do give up too easily. We think the grass is greener but it’s never the case. Lol it’s just a different grass…  Same colour.

  1. If you had all the resources. a) What kind of movie would you make and b) who would you chose to play the leading lady and man and c) who would direct it.

Nicholas NickSoul Nkuna: Great question

I would love to producer the Brenda Fassie Movie

Brenda would be Soso Rungqu

Chicco would be Aubrey Poo

I would direct it.

  1. Beliciousmuse: We appreciate your career success … but we also appreciate your physical success… How do you stay fit and maintain all those muscles. Yep… we see you.

Nicholas NickSoul Nkuna: Lol

I really work hard – try to do at least 3-5 sessions a week

Cardio galore lol. I’m not trying to be a body builder but to always look great. I love fitness.

Nicholas NickSoul Nkuna

  1. Beliciousmuse: 9. Tell us a fun fact about you that people might not be aware of

Nicholas NickSoul Nkuna: I’m crazy – I love to crack jokes – have fun – I’m amused by seeing people laugh a little, smile a little. I’m the opposite of serious.

Beliciousmuse: Hhmmm… Nice. So maybe if this doesn’t work out you could work as a comedian??

Nicholas NickSoul Nkuna: Lol… I’m not sure about that as a career.

  1. Beliciousmuse: 10. What advice would you give to someone wanting to enter the entertainment industry

Nicholas NickSoul Nkuna: Advice .Study study study if you have the chance.If you not as fortunate to study. Learn as much as you can about theatre techniques – TV techniques – film techniques – they are all different. Know what you’re good at, capitalize on that and strengthen where you’re lacking. Most importantly be the best at what you do – right now!!!

  1. Beliciousmuse: Last but not least … you dating???

Nicholas NickSoul Nkuna: ………………..

Beliciousmuse: Lol ok so you not going to answer my dating question? Lol cool.

Nicholas NickSoul Nkuna: Remember sibongile is gone lol So I’m Single and happy at the moment

  1. Beliciousmuse: Ok Mr NickSoul, Mzansi’s sexiest, hot ice… how did the name Chocolate Drop come about? Promise… number last.

Nicholas NickSoul Nkuna: Lol Chocolate drop came from people … I was always one of darkest lol. I love it, I embrace it. I’m proud of it. I am African….

Beliciousmuse: Thanks for your time Nic…  and Good Luck with eerthing…


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