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Let’s cut to the chase: The Dark and Lovely Au Naturale Range is In my opinion PERFECT for ladies that grow afro textured natural hair. Natural Afro hair can be hard to maintain but that should not be the case. Women live such busy lives lately, that hair shouldn’t be something women worry about. Hair should be something that’s easy, looks good and smells great.

If you are a woman that has afro textured curls then you will understand the struggle. But… let me introduce to you guys three Products from Dark and Lovely Au Naturale that I totally fell in love with and that’s helped eliminate most of my hair struggles.

  1. If you have perhaps braided your hair or if you usually braid your hair, you will notice that if you stay too long with it braided, it can start to smell weird or funky, depending on how you sleep, what you wear on your head to bed and the products you use on it. Now for the fun part; Dark and Lovely has created a product that eliminates all odors once your hair is braided and, I LOVE IT. As you can see in some of the pictures, my hair is in two braids, and while my hair is in two braids, it is important for me to use the right kind of juice for it and in my opinion, the Dark and Lovely Au Naturale Wash Free Braid refresher is THE ONE. It works almost like a dry shampoo, but for afro textured hair in BRAIDS. I’m so in love 🙂


  1. The second struggle when it comes to having hair in braids or in a weave is that, the scalp gets irritated after all the pulling and it becomes dry and eventually starts itching. The thing about Dark and Lovely is that they have really thought about us girls with afro textured curly hair. They have this awesome product called Dark and Lovely Au Naturale Anti Itch Scalp Soother. This Anti itch soother is the best thing to happen to girls that braid because now we can stop the constant slight patting on our heads lol all the time, when it itches. Lol the pat, pat is annoying, let me tell you. Anyway… This is by far one of my favourite Dark and lovely Au Naturale products because this itching and pat pat problem is universal. So thank you Dark and Lovely for hooking us up.


Very important: the anti-itch comes in a bottle that has a funnel like opening so it targets the exact spot that is itchy. The liquid is A see-through white, almost matte,  none oily  substance so it wont mess up your weave or hair with too much oils…  guys you REALLY HAVE TO TRY THIS OUT.


  1. Last but not least… The Dark and Lovely Au Naturale 3IN1 Cleansing Conditioner: This conditioners  3 in 1 Formula replaces your shampoo, conditioner and detangler. It is Moisture rich and is a Soft cleanser. This silicone-free co-wash cleanses without drying out your curls and coils. With natural hair in mind, this formula is a lightweight and gentle conditioner that’s ideal for frequent use.


Dark and Lovely Au Naturale 3IN1 Cleansing Conditioner

Dark and Lovely Au Naturale Hair Blog


Dark and Lovely Au Naturale Wash Free Braid refresher

Dark and Lovely Au Naturale Hair Blog


Dark and Lovely Au Naturale Anti Inch Scalp Soother

Dark and Lovely Au Naturale Hair Blog




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