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Cute Makeup for girls with glasses.

I’m writing this from KwamhlangaTraffic Department trying to get a date for a Licence. I woke up so excited for the day but I didn’t expect I’d still be here at 1 PM having left my place at 6 :15 in the morning. Word of advice; when renewing or getting a new drivers licence – DON’T GO TO KWAMHLANGA!!!

So we did another eye test today for my licence. And the harsh truth is I’m gonna have to start using my glasses. #DontAsk.

But if you asked i’d say… computers, bright LCD screens, late night chatting and smart phones.  The kind of lifestyle we live nowadays really hurts our eyes and sometimes leads us to wearing glasses. Wearing glasses should not mean the end of our beauty routine. there are so many ways wearing glasses can look cute and bring about different ways of wearing makeup to take the attention off the glasses on to a beautiful face. Here is how:

Cute Makeup for girls with glasses Tip1:  Focus on your skin. Taking care of the skin is very important as  perfection is everything:  try directing your attention to a good make up base and pick something that will illuminate your skin. Also make sure you choose the appropriate powder, go for a luminous hue that doesn’t make you look washed out. This will transform your glasses into a beautiful accessory and not some kind of punishment! A light weight concealer will take care of the darkness under your eyes, as well as the grey-ish shadows that can be caused by the lenses.

Cute Makeup for girls with glasses tip 2: Save bright colors for the lips. That is our favorite look for glasses wearers. If you keep your eye make up relatively neutral, you will be able to be bold and play with colour on your lips, without losing charme. Make sure you choose a shade that complements the color of your frame. If you are not feeling so bold after all, go for a more subdued hue, but choose a glossier lipstick: this will flatter your lips, and balance the look of your face.

Cute Makeup for girls with glasses tip 3: Choose frames that don’t hide your eyes.If you have contacts, wear them for the makeup process, then take them off if you are not comfortable wearing contacts the whole day, this is dependednt of if you are far or short sighted.

Cute Makeup for girls with glasses tip 4: Blush is not always necessary but it highlights your cheeks so making you more feminine when you are smiling , softer.

Cute Makeup for girls with glasses tip 5: Eyeliner is your best friend, a good eyeliner can be seen miles away and if applied correctlycan give the illusion of bigger brighter eyes behind the lense. The thicker the frame of your glasses, the thicker the line on your eyes should be. This will play with perspective in a way that will flatter and enhance your look. If you wearing false lashes and don’t want them to touch your lenses, just use an eyelash curler, so you can be free to use as much mascara as you like.

Cute Makeup for girls with glasses tip 6: Try wearing your hair often in ways that brings attention to your beautiful face, up does and short hair bring focus to your features other than your glasses.

Cute Makeup for girls with glasses tip 7:
Good eyebrows are a must, make sure your eyebrows are shaped to enhace your features.

Hope this helps


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