Fashion is the latest style of clothing, hair, decoration and even behavior of a certain time period. To absolutely be fashionable and on trend one needs to constantly be updating ones wardrobe. FOMO (Fear of missing out) a specific or on trend fashionable look can make fashionistas spend endless amounts of resources on ever changing fashion. Fashion is a constant that will always be there but trends are ever changing.

Creating a fashionable look that doesn’t break the bank is feasible. Rather than buying all the current trends choose a specific trend you would like to follow. Just a side note; If you are familiar with fashion week you will see that designers have to come up with Runway worthy fashion at least twice a year. But creating a fashionable look for a plethora of models to wear should be easy, we only have two seasons, summer and winter and winter is only three months.

So when deciding the trends to follow choose one and layer it. It’s always awesome to have at least one new and expensive item of clothing from a great and renowned designer. From that one piece or a few pieces you can add on a previous seasons fashion and look a million bucks. The key is to have at least one latest fashion item and mix and match.

Some of you guys might think that fashion designers are expensive but if you don’t buy quality you are just wasting money.

For those that want to look the best but are on a budget this is what you can do;

The top I’m wearing is from Sissy Boy

The skirt is a no name brand

The shoes are from Call it spring

The jewelry is from Gold smith and sons.

Gold Smith and sons sell the most unique and exquisite jewelry in Hatfield. The pieces are colorful and made out of beautiful precious and rare stones. Gold smith and sons can be found in Pretoria at the Duncan Yard. Gold Smith and Sons Jewelry range varies. This Fashionable jewelry costs around R1000.00, R3000.00. When you get there and tell them you heard about them on, you will receive a discount.

For more affordable look s I shop at YDE and other stores for dresses skirts and blouses / tops. I find that YDE has got a while variety of unique dresses that are not in bulk, and that’s always a good thing. So you see, having a fashionable look and being on trend doesn’t always have to cost an arm and a leg.


Slay all day.

Images curtsey of Marx Makhado now open for PHOTOSHOOT BOOKINGS. Follow the link.

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  1. Joseph says:

    Please send me more info on packages and your location.

    1. Hi Joseph.
      He’s on instagram and Facebook as @written_digital_photography or Marx makhado. Send him a DM
      All the best.

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