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Cool Parties in Joburg

A friendship is a relationship, friendly relationship, close relationship, attachment, mutual attachment, alliance, an association, close association, bond, tie, link, union; and all of these definitions of friendship explains to Vivi and I’s friendship.

I’ve known this woman for what seems like forever. Lol and boy do we love having fun. Vivi is the definition of half past crazy but 2 minutes past awesome and caring. The only friend who’s birthday I can post about here on this blog because it’s simply a thing. She’s down to earth but way over ground and the connection we have surpasses electricity. Vivi is the kind of friend that catches up with you time and time again but when we meet, it’s like we in a proper relationship. Lol I get her, she gets me. Isnt it amazing¬† that Us, from two totally different world’s, speaking totally different languages can connect at such a spiritual level??? Wow

But having Vivi as a friend is sometimes hard because now a boyfriend has to surpass the friendship qualities that we have in each other. Our relationships can’t be mediocre because we are not mediocre to each other , and it has to be transcendent, more than what we have.

Vivi and I have been through the worst but thank God we survived till now. I think we survived because we easily forgive each other and we are quick to apologies when wrong and we see each other as we are. I am because she is.

This birthday weekend was unexpected but lit, more lit than the cool parties in Joburg. The shenanigans started Friday evening and ended two days later, Sunday 4 AM. Lol the perks of being over 25 and partying like that are 1. you recover as if you have been hit by a bus on Monday morning. 2. You take the whole week to heal. Lol Not fun at all but birthdays come once a year so why not?

Anyway. .. it was a fun weekend and well worth every ache on Monday morning. Let’s do it again??? Nope… not anytime soon.

Cool Parties in Joburg Look 1 Day 1.

Eye Brows:  LA Girl Deep Brown eye brow Pencil

Eye Shadow: Kylie Cosmetics Bronze Eye Shadow Pallette

Foundation Bea: Loreal Paris Infallible Matte Foundation in colour Cappuccino.

Foundation Vivi: Mac Foundation

Concealers Bea: La Girl Pro conceal colour chestnut

Concealers Vivi: La Girl Pro concealers Colour Toffee

Under Eye setting Powder: Mac Cosmetics White Translucent Loose powder.

Blush, High Lighter and contour: LA Girl

Lipstick Bea: Mac Cosmetics Flat out Fabulouse

Lipstick Vivi: Kylie Cosmetics Nude

Mascara and Eyeliner: L’Oreal and Essence

Cool Parties in Joburg Day 2 Look 2

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