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Colourful Eyeshadow looks: Summer Makeup Tutorial

So, i will be posting 4 Youtube videos per month. Mainly to assist some of my friends who constantly ask me what lipstick i’m wearing, what foundation i’m wearing and ‘how did you achieve that Colourful Eyeshadow look’, or ‘ When are you going to show me how you achieved that Summer Makeup in a tutorial’, and my personal fave, ‘Where can i purchase that colorful eyeshadow palette u wearing.

A small disclaimer though. In this colourful Eyeshadow YouTube tutorial, you will notice that the eye brows are already done. I obviously did the Eye brows off camera but regardless, i had 45 minutes of video footage, which was later on compressed into a Seven minute YouTube Tutorial. So, a few makeup steps when left out, or cut out during editing. These steps include moisturizing the face and most importantly, wiping off the fall out eyeshadow before applying eye liner.

Colourful Eyeshadow Look

I used three Eyeshadow palettes for this look. Beauty Treats Colour obsessed Eyeshadow Booklet, the Maybelline Burgundy Bar and 20 colours Kit from DoDoGirl. In essence, i used light orange, golden champagne for the crease. I cut the crease with L.A Girl cosmetics concealer and continued with pin and Purple and later added the Golden eyeliner for that glamour effect. Creating this Summer Makeup look was so much fun but it was also a bit technical. When applying false lashes try to use a glue that is not black as you risk messing it all up with black smudges.

The Summer Makeup look Face

When the Colourful Eyeshadow look is done first, its easier to incorporate the rest of the summer look in. For primer i used the Strobe Cream Hydrant Lumineux with made it seem as if my face was grey. But as long as your foundation shade is your shade, you shouldn’t have a problem. The Strobe cream just helps make the skin appear smoother.

For foundation i use the Mac Cosmetics Studio Fix Fluid with SPF 15. The shade colour NW45. I use the same shade colour when it comes to the Mac Compact foundation.

Colourful Eyeshadow needs colourful cheeks

When you have a good eyeshadow palette like the Maybelline Burgundy Bar, you can switch it up and use it as a sort of a high lighter. I mixed a dark pink and a champagne gold to fill my cheeks with bouncing pink and gold light. I used the L.A GIRL Spice pallet for the blush.

Summer Makeup Concealer

The most affordable concealers that do a really good job, are the L.A Girl HD Concealers. Glamorous Life without these concealers would just not be possible. My go-to concealers from L.A Girl are Toffee, Chestnut and Cocoa for contour.

Lets talk about Lips Baby

Because we are ding a very bright and colourful Eyeshadow look for a Summer Makeup Tutorial, its best we leave the lips a bit naked. For my brown skin girl nude lip i’ve chose Mac Cosmetics ‘So Me’ and i’ve added a little bit more colour to it by going over the ‘So’ Me’ with Essence Cosmetics ‘Dangerously Yours’. It is the Perfect peachy nude for my skin tone.

Skin Care

Real talk. no matter how much makeup you put on your face, your skin wont shine if it isn’t taken care off. I SWEAR by THE BODYSHOP Vitamin E moisturizing cream. And, i also swear by sunscreen. In winter my face becomes way light than my body only because i take better care of it than my hands or arms or shoulders. The first place to start showing signs of sunburn is the lighter parts of my body i.e thighs, cleavage, face and stomach. So that is why i do not go anywhere without sunscreen, Summer or Winter.

Makeup Removal for this soft Summer Makeup tutorial Colourful Eyeshadow look

After all is said and done, the makeup my go off. Lol i have with and cream white bedding so sleeping with makeup on on NEVER THE ANSWER. And, because my blog pushes me to wear makeup, having a makeup remover that is not harsh on the face helps. I would obviously recommend Ponds.

But before we go, i need to point out that lashes, if yo are not used to them, are the hardest thing to do. Its not impossible to perfect the eyelash perfection craft, just keep practicing everyday and you will be fine.

Hope you like the Beauty looks we have compiled for you.

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