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Go tsamaya ke go bona feat. Cinzano Prosecco

Go tsamaya ke go bona. Literally translated. To walk is to see. This is a saying in Northern Sotho. It means to travel is to see. When we leave the comforts of our houses, we are sure to meet people different to those we found or find in our villages. I remember a time when I first travelled to KZN South Africa. This was the first time I ever met ‘real Zulus’ in their element. My friend Slindile had invited me to spend Christmas with her family and I obliged. We travelled by car. Crossed toll gates and after a grueling couple of hours, we reached the Zulu Land. It was different from the City of Tshwane where I had spent most of my life in. But I appreciated the experience, nonetheless. I talk about Kwa Zulu Natal with fond memories, and I am horrified at the possibility of a different reality consisting of a Beatrice that never travelled to Kwa Zulu Natal and subsequently never experienced what it’s like to be a city girl from Joburg, enjoying the beauties of Kwa Zulu Natal and its People. So, when I first took my first sip of Cinzano Prosecco. It elicited similar feelings of exploration and being blessed with a different experience and a dance in my mouth of something other than South African Sparkling wine.

Cinzano Prosecco

The person who introduced me to Cinzano Prosecco is Lweendo. One of my most recent but fondest and closest friends. It was her birthday, but I didn’t want to drink. And I didn’t feel like drinking anything Brute. Lweendo asked the lady at the restaurant down the road if she had a Demi-sec Sparkling wine. The sweet Italian lady then said she has a prosecco. I remember a couple of years ago on my birthday one of my sisters ordered a Prosecco on my birthday but I don’t remember the taste. The experience wasn’t good and so I just never felt like I could drink Prosecco as it was never on my radar.

Anyway, the friendly lady at the Italian restaurant down the street suggested Prosecco and we opened a bottle in celebration of Lweendo and her Birthday. I found The Cinzano Prosecco very mild but delicious. It was not rough on the throat and it was clear. Almost like a triple-distilled vodka. The process of course, not the liquor. Cinzano Prosecco was smooth. One of the smoothest drinks I had ever tasted. Do you see? Go tsamay ke go Bona. If I had never met my very boujee friend Lweendo I would never have had the pleasure of experiencing this thing called Prosecco and subsequently not be introduced to another way of living. We had such a great time celebrating my friend’s birthday. Not to get drunk but to celebrate, be happy and feel good. 

My obsession with Prosecco

 So after a couple of months of drinking Prosecco and embarking on countless journeys to get the best Prosecco and the most affordable prices, I now have a couple of bottles of Prosecco I will introduce to you guys as the year unfolds. I am not bound to just review Proseccos, but I found it an interesting drink to give an opinion on.

One of my friends saw me get excited because prosecco was on sale at Makro, he said, the way you love Prosecco, if they ever find you unwell, they must just put a prosecco drip in you, and you will be fine.

Prosecco Drip

The joke was funny. but then I thought about it. I don’t drink Prosecco to get drunk, I drink it as a lifestyle choice. It’s such a boujee drink that it makes me want to act sophisticated. I drink it when I’m celebrating, and I share it with my close friends. The bubbles tinkle and dance in my mouth and the slight intoxication is like I’m in a sea of slightly fermented roses.

The other thing I love about Prosecco is that there are so many different brands but you will get the most variety of Prosecco at Checkers Wines of the World and some exciting taste buds stimulators in Woolworth’s food. You will find some very affordable ones at Makro, but it’s unfortunate that they have a very limited variety of Prosecco.

Anyway… Cinzano is an affordable Prosecco priced between 95 and 120 ZAR. The rest of the different Prosecco brands I will review at a later stage. Cinzano Vino is a really good Prosecco and has all the qualities of a very expensive champagne.

Anyway, hope you guys found this article helpful and useful. Leave a comment if you agree or disagree with my review and please subscribe so you can be the first to read the next article coming soon.


This isn’t an ad, it’s just my opinion on the booze. No ALCOHOL for sale to anyone under the age of 18.

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