Chris Brown heat video review

Chris Brown Heat Video review

Chris Brown Heat video review featuring Gunna

Chris Brown has dropped the visuals for Heat, featuring Gunna. I think most of us have heard the song. Chris Brown Heat is being played in most urban radio stations around the world and South Africa is not excluded from this trend. Chris Brown heat video does not disappoint.

Chris Brown Heat Video is clean fresh and unique. They say that there is nothing unique under the sun. But Chris Brown has managed to take everything he knows and turn into into millions of views music videos. But that is an understatement. Chris Brown’s video are all viewed by millions all over the world. There is no Chris Brown Video that is not immaculate and divinely produced and edited.

Davido featuring Chris Brown for instance, Blow my Mind, which was released a couple of weeks ago has since garnered over 12 million views world wide. Although Davido himself is a serious hit maker, having Chris Brown feature on his project has propelled his career to Afro beats champion and a premium contender.

Chris Brown Heat Video goes perfect with the lyrics of the song

You likin’ what you see
Everythin’ designer, that’s on me, uh
That’s water when I walk (when I walk)
Looking like you, just tryna fuck, yeah (tryna fuck, yeah)This drip got you in heat
Just jump in, baby girl, hop on this dick, yeah
You know that I’ma beat (yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
All this drip got your ass in heat, yeah ohThose eyes don’t tell no lie, oh
Girl I know that you ready
Girl I’m not gonna let you down (down, down)
I ain’t gon’ keep you waitin’ up
If you throw it, it’s gon’ get knocked up (knocked up)
You playin’ hide and seek, I’ma find you (I’ma find you)
Baby, hold on tight when you ride me (ride me)
You know I like to eat, give me options
If you throw it, it’s gon’ get knocked up (knocked up)

The video opens with Chris Brown and Gunna opening their designer store. The store is apparently called Indigo Indigo is he name of Chris Brown latest Album and Heat is from Indigo, Chris Brown’s Latest Studio Album.

Ofcourse Chris Brown is dancing

Is it really a Chris Brown music Video if it does not have dancing and sexy choreography? Nope. The choreography on Chris Brown heat video is similar to Loyal in which he featured Lil Wayne and Tyga. The girls in the store are a multitude of skin tones, which always makes me happy. I love seeing different skin tones and shades of women in music videos across all genres. But especially in Chris Brown videos.

The Choreography is as slick as the Choreography on Questions. But lets not lie thou. Chris Brown’s music videos are made in the studio. Meaning, his voice sells the videos as much as the visuals do. He has such a beautiful and unique voice and he knows how to put his own twist and spice in any son remix or original.

Chris Brown in a box

There is a scene where Chris Brown is in a glass Box. While watching the that specific scene in the music video all i could think of was how claustrophobic every one felt dancing in ‘cages’ AKA Glass doll boxes. This scene is reminiscent of trophy dolls. I guess that is what they were trying to portray with all these hot men in Doll Boxes.

Chris Brown Heat video is one of a kind with hues of White, blues and blacks and deserves all the recognition it is getting. The outfits are dapper and the girls are strong and sexy. Go stream Chris Brown Heat video featuring Gunna HERE or watch it below.

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