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You might know her as the Gorgeous Runner up of the Hot E Entertainment TV Show E Search South Africa but here at Beliciousmuse we know her as the one that made us wake up at 1:30 am because we had missed the 9 pm show. Never to happen again! But… we also know her as so much more.

Abigail Visagie is not just Superwoman, She’s an artist, writer and producer building content in her own unique way. Abigail Visagie is the Anchor for Express Lunch as well as FACE IN THE CROWD: Presenter & Producer. This girl has beauty as well as brains and if this was Izombie we would be eating her brains right now in pursuit of finding out more of what makes Abigail Visagie who she really is. But, because this Is not the Walking Dead and we are very civilized her at http://www.beliciousmuse.com we are simply going to call her our Woman Crush Wednesday #WCW for having so much class, so much sass and all things nice.

We asked this multi-talented woman 10 very interesting questions but her responses will blow you away… Now keep up… First question is…

1.We all saw you on E- Search South Africa and alot of us were rooting for you. At the end… no matter the decision you looked sooo good and classy… You really made us proud… how did you do that? Keep it all together?
Abigail Visagie: OH wow thank you for the compliment. I just tried my best to enjoy the journey, everyone saw the points were I just couldn’t keep it together and I think, based on social media, that the entire nation cried with me!  Its just about having a thick skin and keeping your eye focused on the prize! Oh and also very much about being yourself and being true to yourself! Ultimately I think its OK to not have it all together at times! We are human, we make mistakes, we have tough times, Its about dusting yourself off and trying again and again and again!
abigail visagie interview
2. So most of us are used to seeing you on our screens… but if you are sitting infront of your screen right now, what are you watching? And if you are not infront of a TV What’s the last thing you watched on TV and why did you choose to watch it?
Abigail Visagie: Lol uhm last thing I watched was a soccer match on SuperSport, I was forced to watch it because of my youngest brother Marcel. lol my preferred sport is Athletics tho. *giggles* When I do get the opportunity to watch TV tho I enjoy watching News/current affairs or the Crime and Investigation channels ( I love the First 48), E! and the music channels.
3. Ok please tell us where do you get your sense of style from because your dress from the MET was BOMB!

Abigail Visagie: My mom had me partake in beauty pageants from a young age so I think that really trained me to make sure that I always look my best and take pride in my appearance. But my style is really all over the place, sometimes I’M really girly, other times a little edgy. But I really try to always keep it classy and elegant! I love being a lady. How amazing was that MET dress??? OMG definitely one of my fav looks this year! You can blame that on South African designer IRENE MAKHAVHU. Her work is world class!


4.What things do you like to do when you are not on TV?

Abigail Visagie: When I’m not working I’m with my family and loved ones! I love watching movies, I also love food so I enjoy trying out new restaurants or places to hang out with maybe a glass of bubbly in hand! But also at times I just love being by myself on my bed doing absolutely nothing!

5. When have you been most satisfied with in your life?

Abigail Visagie: RIGHT NOW! I’m in a really great space in all aspects of my life!

6. Who is your role model and why?

Abigail Visagie: Hmmm tough one! I don’t have one role model, I look up to and aspire to be like a few people for different reasons! 1. My MOTHER, but also woman like Gerry Elsdon, Basetsana Kumalo and Bonang Matheba! I have a thing for strong, independent, female powerhouses!


7. What’s your superpower, or what’s your spirit animal?

Abigail Visagie:  UNICORN!!!!! DUH!! LOL *sparkle sparkle* I also make a great mushroom sauce and potato salad  OH and peppermint tart. lol that might just be my superpower!


8. LOL..I love that you said Unicorn.. I mean.. Why not? Oh my gosh: you have to tell us the secrets to your beautiful hair and skin.

Abigail Visagie:  LOL! OK here comes the secrets lol, For great hair my go to is coconut oil, Elvive illuminating shampoo and conditioner (The pink bottles), I also use NATURA hair and nail booster AND I rely on FRONT ROW clip in hair extensions for extra length when i want it! Skin? i think i’m  honestly just lucky to have great skin but i use Bioderma face wash and moisturizer (WHITE AND BLUE CONTAINER), i stay away from harsh toners.
9. What would you say to a girl that wants to get in the same business as you… presenting etc. What advice would you give her?

 Abigail Visagie: Its not as easy or glamours as it looks, its cut throat and you wont make a lot of money when you start out, in fact you’ll be spending more than you earn going to castings and auditions, You will be told no and you will have doors closed in your face! But with passion, hard work and persistence you will reach your goals! Don’t give up!

10. We saw you ask the much anticipated question on tv to Jonathan Boyton Lee… now back at you… Are you in a relationship??

Abigail Visagie:  I am in a relationship! With an amazing man who treats me like The Queen of the world, lol he also runs pretty fast!

11.Hmmmmm.. could it be Akani Simbine? But… Moving Along…  Now where to from here?

Abigail Visagie: Continue to learn and grow! Expand on my team, up until this point I’ve done everything without a management team around me so I’m excited to finally have a solid team around me to help me become a household name and take over your TV, RADIO AND PRINT! I Also want to engage with the youth more, i get so many messages of love and support from young girls and guys telling me how they aspire to be like me or how inspired they are by my journey, I’d love to find more opportunity to engage with them, besides social media.

Everyone… Abigail Visagie!!!

Express Lunch : Anchor
FACE IN THE CROWD : Presenter & Producer

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