Burgundy Dress Yde Purchase: Hi Guys… Wow!! Its been a while and alot has happened follow me on instagram  @beliciousmuse.  But before i tell you what has happened, id like to welcome you ALL  ladies and gents to the New Site!!! YAY!!! Its finally happened!

Well, in a nut shell… Ive been wanting to change the name from my name to something else for a while now. Although i love my name and will probably use it again in the future i just really wanted somethig alot more relatable to my people, the fabulous men and women that visit the site daily!

Meaning of Beliciousmuse

Belicious simply means Better Than delicious! and Muse – a form of inspiration. I chose, with the help of  the new staff #Belicious because we wanted it to represent something tasty, palatable, classic, tasteful and we added Muse based on some of the feedback we received from young ladies, saying that the site really inspires them.

So here we go – BeliciosMuse #OnThegoInspiration, #BetterThanDelicious and we are #museingAround.

Moving around

Speaking about moving around, id like to inform you that Im currently in The UK ( United Kingdom) Landed a few hours ago. The journey was long overdue but this was the right time to take it. Missed my mommy but Im also here for some work and a much needed vacation.

We experienced some hiccups surrounding this hand-over process, concerning the blog, but id like to inform you that its gonna be frequent updates from now on on #beliciousmuse.

And to kick start this movement. Id like to draw your attention to this beautiful dress I wore in my last few days in Pretoria with Images taken by Siyabonga Mfuphi. (Fell in love with these Photos!Props to him for being such a cool photographer!!)

My Burgundy Dress Yde purchase

The dress is a must have from YDE Designer Molly, cost around R600.00 . I saw a similar one at River Island in black, i just preferred this one because it looked so divine and colour complimentary. The Shoes are loubes, the Neck Piece from  TOP SHOP. I felt soo sexy wearing this dress!! A must have. Anyway.. i love how this outfit comes together, i love the lightness, the sexiness, the class, the colour, the length, the design and front detail of this dress, absolutely incredible. You can shop HERE AND RIVER ISLAND SIMILAR DRESS here for  A similar looks,.


Outfit of the day

Shoes: Christian-louboutin-pigalle-spikes

Dress: YDE- Designer Molly

Neck Piece: TOP SHOP

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  1. Lisa says:

    YO!!! This DRESS!

  2. Miss Yami says:

    great dress…

    1. Thanks soo much for the Support Miss Yami #MuchAppreciated

  3. Nancy says:

    You look dangerously beautiful my lady

    1. Thank you ❤

  4. im proud of you my friend…..

  5. im proud of you my friend…….

    1. Thank you Stan 🙂

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